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Great app! Allowed us to create a catalog with all of our Shopify products. Customizable but not too complicated. Way more cost effective than other systems we checked out - Responsive and helpful team!

Ingrid Press
使用應用程式 13天

Catalog Machine has been very easy to work with, takes little time to become familiar with the majority of it's functionality and it's customer service has been excellent. I would highly recommend this product.

使用應用程式 11個月

There are a lot of catalogue builders on the app store. We tried most of them. This one is by far the best. It provides outstanding control over every single detail. It is the only app we found that satisfies all our requirements. It appears expensive compared to the others, but it is well worth it. The only caveat is it is so flexible you need to invest 10 min reading the docs. If you dive straight in, you will miss a lot of powerful features.

使用應用程式 17天

Catalog Machine has helped us maintain a large catalog and keep it connected to Shopify. They are very helpful, and responsive. We have had great success using Catalog Machine.

Performance Ink
使用應用程式 大約6年

Catalog Machine helps solve a problem for me as I often need to publish paper catalogs for my sales reps and customers.

As with many complicated apps on Shopify, it's not perfect, but with a little tweaking it does the trick. It took me a little time to get the catalog looking right, but after working with the staff and experimenting, I got it to run great.

It's the only app that I've seen that can make meta-fields go over; this was a key feature for me.

Plush in a Rush
使用應用程式 2年多

We are really impressed with this App! We were able to put together a much needed catalog in about a week that is easily shared with our customers. The customer support was incredible! Every question and issue resolved in a timely manner and the follow up through out the process was professional and much appreciated. I highly recommend this app to anyone. We will be starting a new catalog in the near future for another web site. You won't be disappointed! Thank you, thank you!

MB Stone Home: Granite, Marble & Natural Stone Care Products
使用應用程式 1年多

Awsome!i enjoyed this app. Great experience. Easy to work with, very self explanatory. I will be using this again very soon, and will refer family members. Thanks so much

Body Be Silk
使用應用程式 1年多

Catalog Machine is remarkably user friendly; I'm moderately tech savvy and I was able to "dive right in" and productively use it. I uploaded all my products from Shopify with ease. The level of the catalog I have begun to produce and the searchable showroom I am creating has been shockingly good. I cannot wait to share them with our customers! These services are priceless for a startup, or any company, that doesn't want to spend ridiculous money on catalog creation. We have the Pro subscription and are happy for the wonderful services it provides. Catalog Machine has solved many challenges for us in our wholesale sales too! Their personal level of customer service and support is truly top notch. You can always get questions answered and help if you encounter challenges. Their videos and tutorial articles are thorough, easy to follow, and understand. I also highly recommend Olha's Webinars! They are a much appreciated bonus source of knowledge and sharing. You are guaranteed to learn something new and useful from Olha and Andriy! I will recommend using Catalog Machine to other businesses and I definitely recommend it to you!

Anna Zuckerman Luxury
使用應用程式 大約1年

Just signed up as a new customer. Needed some assistance in getting started. Paul helped me through every step of the process. Would highly recommend this app to anyone making catalogs.

Badger Insulated Pipe
使用應用程式 大約1年

I've been looking for an app that would import selected fields and also drag and drop. Catalog Machine has a lot more to offer and customer service is excellent.

Crash Jewelry
使用應用程式 9個月