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Make Online / PDF Product Catalogs, Line sheets & Price Lists

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One-click product import

Easily upload your products and images. Customizable product Fields, Tiered Pricing for retail and wholesale, and Multiple Images.

Fully customizable Templates

Make professional catalogs, line sheets, price lists, lookbooks, brochures with easily customizable templates. Or create your own templates.

Share Online & PDF catalogs

Share product catalogs in social media and online, send in email, download, and print PDF. Instant product updates and fast market response.

Om Catalog Machine

Product Catalog Maker

  • Design product catalogs with fully customizable and professional-looking templates to meet the market’s and customers' requirements.
  • Automate the creation of professional retail and wholesale catalogs, marketing. brochures, sales sheets, line sheets, lookbooks, datasheets, and technical spec sheets.
  • Add Custom Catalogs, Pre-built Product Grids, Price Lists, and Order Forms for reaching your customer segment.
  • PDF & HTML catalog formats are supported. Full control over catalog design for non-designers. No programming skills required.

Online Product Database connected to Shopify

  • One-button click to import and sync Shopify products
  • Edit all fields, descriptions, prices, extend products with new fields, and upload additional product images, charts and shots.
  • Import Shopify product variants, SKU, prices, and options for your collections. Create custom product categories.
  • Put Your Product Catalog on Autopilot: automate and schedule product updates from Shopify and notify users

Product Catalog Publishing

  • Share product catalogs for your Shopify Shop on social media and online, send in an email, download PDF.
  • Embed your Online or PDF catalog into your website customizing visual options. Latest, accurate, up-to-date SEO-friendly information
  • Fast market response - update catalogs in minutes and start collecting order and payments right from your catalog

Friendly, effective, and powerful catalog management software

  • Do-it-yourself product catalogs and database
  • Always available for your team and customers
  • Reduced publishing, sales, and marketing costs

Kan integreres med

  • Etsy,
  • Magento,
  • WooCommerce,
  • eBay,
  • CSV,
  • Zapier

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  • 500 products
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  • Protected catalogs
  • 2 users
  • Unlimited pages per catalog



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  • 10000 products
  • 50 catalogs
  • 10 users
  • Protected catalogs
  • Unlimited pages per catalog
  • Premium Support

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4.0 af 5 stjerner

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REVISED: Finally, someone got back to me. It didn't take that long, but I dont' have time to sit and wait. They had a holiday. (pls have a notification in your chat stating so, next time.....)
I started working on the tool and so far it is great. Support has been great too, they help me on chat and are really great. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am looking into this app to create online lookbooks. I sent two messages on different days on their chat. No reply. I then tried to install the app and it's not installing. I initially created the account outside of shopify. Now trying to connect, it's not working. I uploaded my lookbook (PDF) and there is a limit on the trial version. I click on UPGRADE (yes, I was to pay guys!) and when I enter my shopify store and click continue, nothing happens. A colleague mentioned this app as a good fit for our needs, and I think it is, but if it is this bad where I can't upgrade AND no one replies, I wonder how this will be!!!!! I hope that by writing a review here someone will notice.

Performance Ink

Catalog Machine has helped us maintain a large catalog and keep it connected to Shopify. They are very helpful, and responsive. We have had great success using Catalog Machine.


Seems like the reviews are fake.... the setup process of this app is extremely time-taking, annoying and complex.

Udviklerens svar

29. maj 2021

Please contact us and we will be happy to help with any difficulty. Many Shopify users are successfully using our app for more than 5 years.

In addition, you can start with a catalog builder wizard by quickly adding all your products, customizing templates, and creating large catalogs (or price lists or line sheets, etc.) in few minutes.