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Build Popup Boxes & Collect E-mails in Seconds

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Exclusive to Shopify Merchants

CBox is created exclusively for Shopify merchants, increase your email marketing list today!

Customizable PopUps

CBox allows you to creatively customize your PopUps. Choose when exactly you want the popup to show

Mobile is the Future!

CBox converts visitors into leads effectively regardless of the size of your customer's screen

Acerca de CBox PopUp Builder

Build PopUps & Collect E-mails Today!

CBox makes it easy for anyone, even people with zero programming and design knowledge, to produce beautiful and effective PopUps. If your objective is to grow your email marketing list in order to increase sales, there is no better solution then CBox! CBox will convert visitors into subscribers and subsequently customers, at an astounding pace.

  • CBox is tailored for the Shopify marketer and we knows what works for you;
  • CBox allows unlimited campaigns with a large and ever-growing template library that anyone can use to design effectively and target efficiently;
  • CBox supports all types of mobile browsers
  • CBox's allows you to target exactly when you want the popup to show.

Why CBox ?

  1. Beautiful streamlined process to design and implement data capturing PopUps in the Shopify universe, you will have the ability to get started quickly.
  2. With numerous options for popup templates and an ever-expanding library, you will find the right PopUp for your brand.
  3. Unlimited number of PopUp targeting possible i.e. One popup for welcome, one popup for a custom offer on landing page etc.

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1.0 con 5 estrellas

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