Legal Protection/Ad Compliance

Legal Protection/Ad Compliance

von Invisit, Inc

Keep Your Business Protected From Legal & Ad Penalties

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Protect Against Litigation

Consumer protection laws apply everywhere e-commerce stores have customer data. Ensure compliance without the expensive attorney fees.

Stay Ahead of New Regulations

More regulations are being passed everyday that impact e-commerce stores. Get alerted when a new law applies to your business.

Maximize Ad Performance

Non-compliant ads can be penalized by FB & Google without warning. Discover ad guideline issues so your campaigns can reach their potential.

Über Legal Protection/Ad Compliance

Compliance built for marketers.

Facebook has implemented a new privacy restriction called Limited Data Use (LDU). This requires businesses to pass additional privacy signals to Facebook that inform Facebook whether they can use site visitor’s data for your campaigns. Without these new signals, campaigns will be penalized and stop delivering to some users. Invisit's marketing compliance management handles FB LDU with one easy click.

Built-in CCPA Compliance

Invisit also lets you manage all CCPA compliance requirements in place as well. Build and deploy a cookie banner in minutes to give your site visitors control over their data and trust in your business.

Why Privacy Matters

Your site visitors have new rights over the data your business collects. In response, the platforms where you use this data, like Facebook Ads Manager, now require privacy compliance or will prevent its usage. This can lead to huge impact in marketing performance. Invisit prevents this by managing privacy across platforms.

Install our solution and get:

Customer/Client-Side Features

  • Facebook LDU parameter automation
  • Full CCPA management
  • Consent Manager Popup (with a link to your policy)
  • Data Subject Requests (DSR's)
  • Automated vendor notice
  • Built for mobile-first (mobile responsive)

Admin/Internal Features

  • Consent manager customization options
  • Custom text, primary/secondary colors, add brand logo, messaging
  • Add/edit/manage 500+ available vendors
  • Add/edit/manage custom cookies
  • View CCPA analytics & requests
  • Email notifications + CSV's for opt-out requests


Want to know more about our app? Our support team is here to assist. Have a question about your Facebook campaign and how Limited Data Use is impacting it? Invisit is here to help.



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Compliance Package


Usage charges after 100k Page Views / Month

  • Facebook Limited Data Use Compliance
  • Increased FB marketing performance
  • CCPA Compliance
  • Email Notifications
  • Consent Analytics / Storage

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Nashua Nutrition

Had a great and informative meeting with the app founder. We are using the app and are completely satisfied. Support is always available if needed. I would highly recommend.


This app has been super helpful managing CCPA. When I had some questions I reached out to customer support and they were so quick to respond with not only the answer to my question but some helpful suggestions as well. Definitely recommend!


The team at Invisit made everything quick and seamless for us. Facebook is changing the data privacy goal posts every day, so it's great that Invisit gives us less one thing to worry about. Thank you!