CDEK Delivery

CDEK Delivery

作成: PIM Solutions

Worldwide express delivery

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CDEK Deliveryの詳細情報

CDEK Delivery Shopify app developed by PIM Solutions offers Express Courier Delivery Service across the border. The application is available to CDEK corporate contract customers. Even though if you are still considering to be the one you can test and set the application using a test account specified in the documentation Data Exchange Protocol (v1.5).

CDEK Delivery app offers a stand-alone interface for controlling and management shipping orders including:

  • CDEK shipping orders registration and deletion
  • Shipping price calculation based on package size
  • Additional services calculation. Available for domestic delivery within Russian Federation
  • Customer delivery cost adjustment setting
  • Manual and automatic shipping orders status update
  • Barcode and Order Receipt creation
  • Requesting a courier to pick up cargo. Available for delivery from Russia&CIS
  • PimPay analytics widget

The application supports domestic delivery within Russian Federation and international delivery to Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belorussia including following transport schemes:

  • China - Kazakhstan
  • China - Belorussia
  • China - Kyrgyzstan
  • China - Uzbekistan
  • China - Ukraine
  • USA - Kazakhstan
  • USA - Kyrgyzstan
  • USA - Uzbekistan
  • Turkey - Kazakhstan
  • Turkey - Kyrgyzstan
  • Turkey - Uzbekistan





1.0 5つ星


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Новатор Кофе

Nothing works, no integration on the order page for the customer. The app is clearly unfinished yet.

RDC brand

The delivery cost calculation for address is not working, our customers only see default highest price. please fix asap.