Cdiscount Marketplace

Cdiscount Marketplace


Sell your products on Cdiscount with Cdiscount Feed

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Cdiscount Marketplace

Access to new customers on Cdiscount marketplace ! Without commitment and accompanied by a dedicated Account Manager.

Automate your process

Synchronize your inventory and process your orders from Shopify. Following the posting of your offers, the first orders arrive!

Generate sales

You can deliver to 10 countries: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, and Portugal.

Cdiscount Marketplace 정보

Access to new customers on Cdiscount marketplace ! Without commitment and accompanied by a dedicated Account Manager.

Synchronize your inventory and process your orders from Shopify. Following the posting of your offers, the first orders arrive!

Make the most of the traffic generated by Cdiscount. You have the option of delivering to 10 countries.

The Cdiscount online sales site is: *10 million active customers: Individual and professional customers to develop your business *22 million unique users per month: The second most visited e-commerce site in France

Cdiscount Feed automatically imports your orders into Shopify, updates quantities, prices, manages price repricing, invoicing and many other functions.

Cdiscount Feed is not an integrator or a feed aggregator but a cloud computing solution that allows you to manage your own feeds.

You increase your sales thanks to the traffic and sales generated by Cdiscount and Cdiscount Feed automatically manages the entire sales and SEO processes.

You benefit from all the features offered by Cdiscount, multiple delivery methods (home delivery and point of withdrawal), repricing (price adjustment) and more.

Support is responsive and free, 5 agents are always at your disposal to answer your questions.

Commissioning is simple and takes place in 4 steps

  • You install the application with a single click
  • You create an account on Cdiscount Marketplace
  • You create your Cdiscount Feed account
  • You follow the instructions of the Cdiscount Feed Wizard

In this process you will need to create two accounts: * A Cdiscount Feed account * A Cdiscount account

Afin de créer votre compte Cdiscount vous aurez besoin d’ : * A copy of an ID (in colour and both sides) and a Driving license * Your company information (less than 3 months) * Your banking information


  • Importing orders is automatic
  • The orders are added among the others, they are identifiable, tagged Cdiscount
  • Status and tracking number updates are automatic
  • Your store inventory is updated automatically when selling on Cdiscount
  • Stocks on Cdiscount are automatically refreshed when selling on your store
  • Price rules allow you to increase or decrease your prices
  • Price rules are applicable by category, globally or even by product
  • Variants / attributes are supported (eg: products with sizes and colors)
  • EAN code exemptions possible
  • Promotions management
  • Several filters are available like excluding manufacturers / brands, suppliers, categories, products ...
  • Automatic price adjustment, sending invoices, support for pickup points, etc.
  • No conflict with other marketplace modules sold on Shopify


  • Cdiscount

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Service client très très mauvais 10 mail que j' envoie pour qu'il change mon adresse mail et à ce jour rien à été fais ce tony ne m'a donner aucune réponse de vrai bon à rien

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 19일


Afin de vous accompagner au mieux, je vous invite dans un premier temps à créer un compte sur Cdiscount via ce lien :

Et dans un second temps, de réserver un appel téléphonique avec Kamel expert du module Shopify qui vous aidera dans son paramétrage afin de mettre vos produits en ligne sur Cdiscount:

Bien à vous,
Cdiscount Support Team

Barnacle Optique

J'ai essayé d'utiliser leur système, j'avais bien dit que je l'utiliserai si mon stock était transféré automatiquement sur plateforme. Chose que mon correspondant n'a pas su faire, car je n'y arrivais pas. J'ai abandonné l'idée de vendre dessus, car je n'avais pas le temps de rentrer mon stock manuellement. Cdiscount m'a tout de meme inscrit, et depuis 3 mois je reçois des lettres de relances et mises en demeure parce que je n'ai pas rentré ma carte bancaire dans leur système. Bregf! Si vous voulez vendre passez par une autre plateforme au risque d'être importuné si leur service ne plaisent pas

개발자 회신

2021년 2월 26일

Merci pour votre retour, nous avons remarqué que vous n'avez pas paramétré votre module. Je vous invite à contacter Kamel qui vous aidera à synchroniser votre catalogue sur Cdiscount.
Voici le lien de son agenda :

Bien à vous,
Cdiscount Support Team


As I read Kamel is the savior of most of us, and in my case he saved the day as well. Thanks for the help. It took some time to get the answer but it worked. For most of you if the app ask you the URL it must follow the following structure: of the shop)