Real Time Shipping Quotes

Real Time Shipping Quotes

af Eniture Technology

Get accurate LTL freight and parcel quotes at checkout

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Offer accurate shipping rates

Improve conversions by offering accurate real-time LTL freight and parcel quotes based on your actual negotiated rates.

Define drop ship locations

Obtain accurate shipping rates when orders are sourced from multiple warehouses or drop shipped from vendors.

Control how quotes display

Options for residential delivery, lift gate delivery, in-store pick up and local delivery puts you in control of your shipping quotes.

Om Real Time Shipping Quotes

To use this app, third-party calculated shipping (aka carrier calculated shipping ) must be enabled on your Shopify plan. Third-party calculated shipping can be added to any plan by contacting Shopify customer support.


Display your negotiated LTL freight and/or parcel rates in the Shopify checkout process so you can collect your shipping costs on each order.

Supported LTL Freight Providers

  • CDN Logistics
  • Fedex Freight
  • Gain Consulting

Supported Parcel Shipping Providers


Features Unique to LTL Freight Providers

  • Customize the text used to label LTL freight quotes displayed to shoppers.

  • Options for how to offer lift gate delivery including an option to require lift gate delivery when the address type is identified as residential.

  • Specify the weight of your handling unit (e.g. pallet) so that it is accounted for in the shipping quote.

  • Identify the maximum weight per handling unit to extrapolate the number of handling units to account for in the shipping quote.

Features Unique to Parcel Shipping Providers

  • Select which services to offer to your shoppers.

  • Mark up individual services by a dollar amount or percentage.

  • Get shipping quotes based on billable weight - the actual or dimensional weight, whichever is greater.

  • Elect to include insurance in the shipping quotes.

Features Common to LTL Freight and Parcel Shipping Providers

  • Define multiple warehouse locations.

  • Identify products that drop ship from vendors.

  • Automatically detect the address type to dynamically include the residential delivery fee in the shipping quotes.

  • Choose not display shipping quotes if a post office box is detected.

  • Mark up quotes by a dollar amount or percentage.

  • Offer an option for in-store pick up based on the customer’s distance from your warehouse.

  • Offer local delivery based on the customer’s distance from your warehouse.

  • Charge a fee for local delivery.

Where can I find out more?

A full list of features and the User's Guide can be found at Use the phone number or email address in the Support & Sales section of this listing to contact us with your questions.

Kan integreres med

  • CDN Logistics Rating API,
  • Gain Consulting API



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  • See the Detailed Description in this listing for a summary of the features list. The Basic Plan enables all those features for one provider.



  • Basic plan plus...
  • Enables the features for up to three shipping providers.



  • Standard plan plus...
  • Enables the features for up to five shipping providers.

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