Visual UGC & Instagram shop

Visual UGC & Instagram shop

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UGC & Influencer pictures | shoppable galleries | product tags

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Collect customer photos

Invite your customers to share photos and videos of your products. Collect content in upload forms and request content from Instagram @ & #

Style with UGC galleris

Use your customer's content and your Instagram feed all over your store. Compose and style Interactive galleries with only a few clicks

Convert with social proof

Inspire and convert new customers with social proof from your customers' content. All Cevoid galleries are shoppable and ready to convert!

Über Visual UGC & Instagram shop

Use UGC and social proof to inspire new customers

Collect User-Generated Content (UGC) from your customers and display it in shoppable galleries on your website. Make your business social by letting your customers inspire and each other on your website.

Collect content from customers

  • Request the rights to use content from Instagram hashtags, mentions, and tags
  • Create upload forms where customers can share from their device or Instagram feed
  • Invite customers to share UGC with links, QR-codes, and emails
  • Secure correct Rights management and platform compliance

Use UGC on your store

There are several types and designs of galleries to help you boost all parts of your website.

  • Create inspiring UGC galleries for your home page
  • Display product-specific UGC with Product Page Gallery
  • Include UGC galleries on your collection pages
  • Build separate pages for Lookbooks, Behind the scenes and Instagram shop
  • Include a shoppable UGC Photo in a blog post with a Single Post Gallery

Review and manage your UGC

Group and tag your received UGC to increase its usage and value. Stop inappropriate content from being published to your store.

  • Approve the posts you want to be automatically published to your galleries
  • Turn on auto approve for specific sources (e.g. your Instagram feed)
  • Add product tags to the UGC posts to make them shoppable in the galleries
  • Create labels and add them to posts to group your UGC posts around specific topics and display them in dedicated galleries

How it works

Start collecting UGC with Cevoid in just a few minutes and embed the shoppable galleries on your store with only a few clicks.

  1. Request UGC from Instagram mentions & hashtags
  2. Invite your customers to upload UGC in branded upload forms
  3. Include your Instagram Feed and add in-house content
  4. Easily embed your UGC galleries
  5. Approve and add product tags to the UGC you want to display on your store
  6. The approved UGC are automatically published to shoppable galleries on your website

We are here to help!

It is easy to get started with Cevoid and embedding our galleries does not need any coding knowledge. If you get stuck or need help, please reach out! We are here to help you succeed with UGC!

One-click translation

All customer-facing text can be changed to your preferred language. If your language is not included, please content us!

No-code integration for Shopify online store 2.0 and Dawn

With a Shopify 2.0 theme, all UGC galleries can be added as sections

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Instagram Shop


oder $3/Monat abgerechnet zu $36 einmal pro Jahr

  • 50 orders/month
  • Instagram Shop Page (on-site)
  • Instagram Shop gallery for Home page
  • Product tags
  • 'See It Styled Gallery' for product pages

UGC Essentials


oder $39/Monat abgerechnet zu $468 einmal pro Jahr

  • 500 orders/month
  • Instagram mentions & tagged posts
  • Branded upload form
  • Community Wall page and gallery
  • UGC galleries
  • UGC Rights Management



oder $99/Monat abgerechnet zu $1,188 einmal pro Jahr

  • 2 000 orders/month
  • 3 Instagram hashtags
  • Multiple branded upload Forms
  • Categorize content
  • Create custom galleries
  • 20 Influencer Content Hubs



oder $249/Monat abgerechnet zu $2,988 einmal pro Jahr

  • 5 000 orders/month ('See all pricing plans' for more orders)
  • 3 team seats
  • 10 Instagram hashtags
  • 200 Influencer Content Hubs
  • Extended support

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4.7 von 5 Sternen

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De La Cruz Collections

Great customer service and very patient. This app is amazing and would recommend this to anyone who wants to make their website look more professional and could help with more sales with instagram by using this app.

Dr. David Jack

Great app and great app support team. The support team have been extremely helpful. Any issues I have had they have fixed straight away. The app does what we need and is continuously improving which is great to see.

Antwort des Entwicklers

29. Juni 2021

Thank you for your review! We are so glad that you are using our Cevoid! 😍

Your feedback and suggestions help us become even better! 💚


Amazing app! Was incredibly easy to install and linkup with our instagram. Easy to tag products and embed galleries on our store and product pages. Most importantly though, wonderful cooperating developing team, who actually cares about their customers needs and suggestions! Wonderful to work with! Can really recommend!

Antwort des Entwicklers

1. Juni 2021

Thank you for your review!
We really love the Scandinavian design of your products! 😍