UGC Shoppable Customer Content

UGC Shoppable Customer Content


shoppable UGC & Instagram, on-site upload, photo widgets

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Get UGC from your customers

Invite customers to share photos of their purchases through on-site upload and automatic email invitations.

Social proof where it's needed

Build a more thriving content base with your customers. Let your customers be inspired by each other's pictures & help you with conversion

Display UGC in your store

Display your UGC in shoppable widgets (Slider, Feed or Collage). All widgets are customizable in the Cevoid platform. No coding is needed!

有關 UGC Shoppable Customer Content

Collab with customers in creating content for your brand. Convert more customers

Cevoid offers the whole User-Generated Content (UGC) expericence. Invite your customers to share their own photos of your products. Display this content on your website and create a more diverse content experience throughout your site.

Invite customers to share content

Invite your customers through after-purchase email, direct link, or QR-codes. They will be invited to upload their content through an easy to use upload form. Your customers can also upload directly on your website at the same place as you display the content.

Display User-generated content anywhere on your website

Use Cevoids content widgets to display your User-Generated Content anywhere on your website. The content can be displayed in Instagram inspired Feeds, classical Sliders, or more stylish Collages. To display the Cevoids widgets on your Website, simply copy a dedicated code snippet and paste it at the desired place.

For the product pages, you can activate a Product page slider in the Cevoid platform that will place a UGC Slider on each product page with their dedicated product photos.

Make the content Shoppable

In the Cevoid platform, you can tag products that are displayed in the photos. This will make the photos appear in the Product Page widget and the products to be displayed with photos.

Avoid D*ck pics and inappropriate content

Before any photos are published on your website you get a chance to review the content and approve or decline it. In this way, you have full control of what is published to your website and inappropriate content on your website.

Display content from your Business Instagram

Sync all your posts from Instagram and display them on your website. Mix it with the User-generated content or display it in a separate Photo Collection.

Share content on your Social media accounts

When uploading photos, your customers are asked if you also can share the content on your social media accounts. If the answer is Yes, you have access to great content to share on other platforms.

UGC Rights Management

When customers and visitors upload content through Cevoid they have to approve (opt-in) that your business is allowed to use the content and that they own the content. This way you can be sure that you have the right to use the uploaded content.




  • 50 active posts

  • Invite customers by email & link

  • Upload from device and Instagram

  • Upload store's Instagram feed

  • Product page & store widgets


每月 $69

  • 500 active posts

  • Customizable widget designs

  • Everything from the Free


每月 $189

  • Unlimited active posts

  • Create Collections

  • Widgets with content from Collections

  • Dedicated Customer success rep.

  • Everything from the Growth

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Embla Compost

Super easy setup! Recommend this for anyone who wants to try UGC! Had a question and got a quick and helpful response from their support-team. Big thumbs up!



Thank you for the 5-star review! We are incredibly grateful that you took time out to leave us a review Embla Compost 🌟