CFC China Fulfillment Center

CFC China Fulfillment Center

CFC Fulfillment

Storage service, Order fulfillment service, Worldwide shipment

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We provide you varied popular ecommerce platform connection to help you manage your orders in one place.


We owned professionals and infrastructures dedicated for your inventory safety and well-being.


We only charge by services we provided without any unlisted fees.

CFC China Fulfillment Center 정보

Why CFC fulfillment?

We are an order fulfillment center with over ten years' experience since 2009. We provide storage management, order fulfillment service and worldwide shipping in China. Choose CFC. You sell, we fulfill.

What's the difference?

As you know, there are so many logistics companies in the market, most of them are logistics companies, they only offer simple shipping services. The third-party order fulfillment services, free warehouse services are not the main business for them. That’s why we have been setting our sights on building something different, something that could give a tangible leg up particularly for those online sellers who are confused by the high cost but slow shipping. ‘Our wish since the day we started this company, was to make the E-commerce business easier than ever before. We hoped all the online sellers can ship the products to their customers as easy as they sell their products online. ‘

What service CFC provide?

  1. Professional: CFC uses Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), provides free API and supports online real-time tracking. We are committed to offering fast and flexible shipping from China, which can help merchants to save time and money.

  2. Efficient: *Our China Warehouse to keep your stock safe; complete with 24/7 security surveillance and insurance. *Pick & pack the items on a first-in-first-out basis and fulfill your online orders within 24 hours. *Quality Control to ensure correct quantities and no physical defects. *Value-Added Services such as Labeling, Kitting, Assembly, Inspection, Repacking, Product Photography, Branding, etc.

  3. Convenient: CFC Fulfillment Service is ideal for any Shopify merchants who source their products from China or who are selling made in China products. By integrating your Shopify store with CFC, all your orders can be downloaded automatically to our system; and we will fulfill and ship them out from our China warehouse to the doorsteps of your global customers. Tracking numbers will be updated to Shopify when we mark the orders as fulfilled.

About platform integration

Our app helps you to integrates with Shopify, amazon, Woo commerce, Magento, Wix and other popular selling platforms seamlessly. You may also be able to upload your orders manually.

About App setup

To use the app, an account with CFC is required first. Contact CFC order fulfillment center directly on +086 or leave your information at our website or email to set up an account or obtain login details.

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