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21 oktober 2019

Terrible support Service! bug tool.

"We are not going to continue the cooperation and we will stop our services. " the notification from Channel support in the paid subscription. Since I told them I am disappointed with thire service.

I spent almost 2 months on the app to feed listings. so far no one successful listing.

Contacted support many times asking help solve the tool bugs. they will ask you to repeat the questions by different support people, again and again.

most time they relying by the message template not relative to your questions, and give you misleading.

2 månader användning av appen
Channable svarade 25 oktober 2019

Hello JustgreenBox,

We are very sorry that this is the experience you had with our tool. Channable had multiple people trying to solve the questions sent and we are saddened that it did not meet your expectations.

Best regards, The Channable team.

31 mars 2022

The Channable team has been very helpful onboarding my site & specific customizations that are not typical for most sites. Although we're still learning the platform you can tell immediately that it's user friendly and scalable as we continue to add more of our catalog onto Google, FB and Bing Shopping channels. Thanks for your help to the entire Channable team!

2 månader användning av appen
3 december 2020

Great App - we are using it to create feeds for Instagram Shopping, Pepperjam, and Google Shopping. Their friendly, fast, and knowledgeable customer service team helped us get things set up and is readily available whenever we need support. Would definitely recommend it.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
12 juni 2021

App is a bit of an interesting piece to work with. setting up the rules is fun, but the end result was for me not impressive. Was unable to successfully connect to Amazon API. The feeds also linking my Google /Bing Ads accounts were not synchronizing with the merchant accounts properly. it was a bit of a headache. and then the bills were coming. Summary, It did not work for me, maybe it would for you the reader. I have found a more seamless approach.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
10 februari 2021

We tried this app for Spartoo channel. Channable Spartoo template was not valid, so was not able to use it. Couldn't get support from Channable. Support said they are not able to change the template. But it was not working. So had to pay 2 months of fee, no refund, not happy.

Zibi London
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
13 mars 2022

I tried to set this app up to sync my orders with different marketplaces, mainly idealo. In order to actually do the sync for orders you need to pay first, which I did and it just didn't work. Apparently channable has not upgraded their API with Idealo (according to Idealo they refuse to..?). Their support is super slow, takes around 3 days to get a reply, asked for my money back, never got a reply.

Lapi Retail
27 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 5 augusti 2022

Everything in channable is just so complicated and the help functions are at no help at all. The "bot" seems to misunderstand most issues, there are no live chat function, some help links does not work etc. etc. Channable leaves their customers alone with question mark after questionmark. When sending a mail to ask for more help, I got these messages quoted directly from the mail then send me: “we would not fix things for you” and “we expect customers to do the solutions themselves”. Note that you really need to be an IT expert to work with channable. What a disaster. Octopus Denmark

Octopus Denmark
19 dagar användning av appen
Channable svarade 10 augusti 2022

Hi Octopus Denmark,
We are really sorry to hear that our service doesn't meet your expectations. As a Self-Help tool we make sure to provide as much free training content through our Channacademy and HelpCentre to set our customers up for success using our tool. We also offer every customer the possibility of our team setting up your first feed or API for free which comes with a walkthrough with one of our Technical Support Agents. This has proven to be an excellent opportunity for our customer to ask any questions they have about the tool. We did offer you to sit down with 2 members of our team which you declined to accept making it difficult for us to give you a complete and in-depth walkthrough of our tool, we are sorry that you didn't get to experience this.

We have a collaborative relationship with all our customers and if an error happens we will do our best to handle this issue from our side, however with thousands of integrations to different marketplaces and webshops we do sometimes require our customers to investigate issues on their end. Our Technical Support department can provide you the best solutions to resolve your issue and even implement these if its within their power, however if they physically cannot then we of course have to ask our customers to help complete the troubleshoot.

We are very sorry that we didn't get the opportunity to sit with you and show you the tool so you could get up and running quickly. We wish you all the success with finding a tool which fits your expectations and if you are ever open to trying us again a member of our team would love to show you the possibilities of Channable!

Wishing you all the best for your business and future endeavours!

Channable team.

3 oktober 2018

We are having bitter experience ... Support not responding quickly even on Higher plans ...... We want functionality to work as early as possible

KA Fashions
10 dagar användning av appen
8 juli 2022

I'm very happy and impressed with how this app works and the friendly efficient support I have received. We have now successfully integrated with several marketplaces including Amazon. I was apprehensive initially after reading some mixed reviews and have been pleasantly surprised by Channable. The interface is intuitive and there is a good amount of resources you can access to help with the setup and it's pretty much a plug and play. What you need to know is that you need to set up each marketplace separately first, get an account etc and if you require the orders to sync through to shopify then you also need to purchase the order sync add-on which is an additional cost per marketplace. I then had a few things that didn't quite work as I wanted and the Channable customer support was on it very quickly. I had responses pretty much immediately and the team then went into my account and adjusted anything that needed to be done to get it to work how I wanted it including some custom tags that I wanted to come through to Shopify. Very happy with Channable and it does exactly the kind of Shopify marketplace integration and sync our business needs.

8 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 24 mars 2022

***UPDATE*** Channable's Tech Support reacted within hours and clarified in a DM, that the Hourly Update module is part of the Order Sync add-on module. That level of clarification I have not been able to distill from their page unfortunately and wasn't able to discover in the test account. In consequence I've updated the rating and added another star. ********************************************************************************** Having compared all relevant feed management tools in test account mode my feedback to Channable was first off ambivalent, however improved after their Tech Support clarified on important aspects. Channable offers a broad range of connections and the interface is quite intuitive, though a bit heavy. But everyone looking for this topic should be able to manage the level of complexity. Tested it and it took me less than 30 minutes to get a basic feed of ca. 300 product up and running. I have not activated any channel (test mode ends at that point), but if it is as easy as the above, time to market should be short. Please bear in mind you have to setup accounts and commercial agreements with any marketplace and price comparison sites you want to connect. That brings me to the pricing model, that offers different modules for different company sizes. I am looking at it with the eyes of a small shop that wants to scale distribution via marketplaces and comparison sites so for us "Small Business" and "Medium Business" would be relevant. In the smallest package with your website (1 language) and 500 products you're getting 3 connections to above mentioned third parties for 29€/M so ca. 350€/Y. The next (likely better) tier for small shops in growth hacking mode would be the Medium for 49€/M (588€/Y) allowing you to add 2 projects (so 1 shop in 2 languages or 2 shops in 1 language) with 6 channels. Fixed and transactional costs of third party channels e.g. Amazon would come on top depending on channel you want to connect. The packages include a one way product feed to the channels meaning your product information incl. price and stock levels are being sent to channels, however once an order is made this is not being fed back via an API to your system so orders won't bei integrated automatically, hence stock levels won't change. That is an Add-on called Order-Sync 49€/M (588€/Y), which you probably would want, as otherwise you would have to handle incoming orders from 3-6 channels (beyond 2 it's already a pain in peak season). So fair enough you've learned that you will probably pay something like 78-98 €/M or 936-1176 €/Y (not including fixed fees of third parties) to be in the channel management game, which is pretty much in the range of what you pay everywhere. What they don't tell you clearly enough on their page is, that will get an "Hourly update" of the feed included at that price level. An Addon that you normally have to pay for as the "free" alternative is only daily, which obviously is not an option at all. Imagine your stock levels being pushed to 6 channels/marketplaces are only updated once a day. So book your "Order Sync" module and you're fine! To sum up good tool with great functionalities and good value for money. For very small businesses I would rank Channable still a 3 out of 5 as I think the blank "Starter Package" is not alleviating the pains Small Business owners a going through.

Ungefär 15 timmar användning av appen