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  • Easily update inventory and manage orders for Shopify and online marketplaces on one platform
  • Connect to your Shopify webstore and POS for both inventory and order management
  • Expand your business to new marketplaces and new countries

Launch new products on all channels quickly and easily.

Are you tired of wasting time adding products to your Shopify store, then turning around and repeating the process on eBay and Amazon? Reclaim that lost time and put it to better use. With the ChannelAdvisor Webstores Amplifier, you enter your product information once and ChannelAdvisor automatically creates and updates those products on every channel, based on the rules you configure.

Synchronize quantity across channels.

Overselling is a thing of the past. Manually updating product quantity on every channel, including your Shopify store, inevitably leads to miscommunication, mistakes and oversells. Don’t leave yourself open to error — the stakes are too high when it comes to your seller reputation on

The ChannelAdvisor Webstores Amplifier automatically syncs and updates changing quantities across your Shopify store and other channels and allows you to take control of your inventory. Plus, you can create your own fulfillment strategy for your store and fulfill orders from your stock dispersed among any of your distribution centers. Syncing your product quantity also prevents you from having to divide your inventory between your Shopify store and your other retail channels, decreasing the quantity available to each and effectively decreasing sales.

Ship orders seamlessly.
Do you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)? Do you want to use it for your Shopify orders but think it’s too complicated and labor intensive? Not anymore. ChannelAdvisor’s Webstores Amplifier makes FBA easy by doing all the work for you. For example, when a Shopify order arrives for an item that you have warehoused at FBA, the order is automatically routed to FBA to ship. When the item is located in your own warehouse, the order will be routed there. You decide where you want to warehouse your product, and we do the rest. Sound easy? It is.

Expand with less effort.
If you’re looking to maximize the visibility of your products, you may
not want to be limited to a single webstore or even one particular type of webstore. Want to add a store in another region? Wondering how to open that speciality store for the holidays? With the Webstores Amplifier, you can quickly select a group of products and spin up a new or specialized webstore in a matter of minutes. The Webstores Amplifier is here to make your company’s inventory resonate the loudest it can across every online channel. When you power your Shopify webstore with ChannelAdvisor, you amplify your reach, your capabilities and your results.




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