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Support customers in Zendesk, Freshdesk, Helpscout or Re:amaze

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Stop Switching Screens

Answer all your Shopify, eBay, Amazon & Walmart messages in your favorite helpdesk: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout or Re:amaze.

Answer with Confidence

Get the info you need to answer customer questions fast. Buyer & order data appears right next to each message.

Speed Up Support

Automate tedious tasks. Instantly personalize responses. Refund, cancel & update orders. Features vary by platform, but always save time!

Sobre ChannelReply

Manage Shopify Customer Service in Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, or Re:amaze

ChannelReply pulls Shopify messages and data into your helpdesk. Answer emails faster with mountains of order info and unlock suites of time-saving support tools. Plus, it works for eBay, Amazon and Walmart support as well!

Get Order Data in Your Helpdesk

How often do you have to log in to Shopify to look up some detail about an order? If you use standard email or a free app, probably once out of every three or four support requests. Switch to ChannelReply and the answer is never.

ChannelReply pulls in every order detail you could possibly need. Then it displays it all next to the buyer's message in your Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout or Re:amaze account. Get 48+ datapoints, including:

  • Items Ordered
  • SKUs
  • Amount Paid
  • Tracking ID
  • Shipping Address
  • Carrier

… and tons more!

Plug Data into Your Helpdesk's Most Powerful Tools

ChannelReply's custom fields let you use Shopify data in your helpdesk's most advanced features:

  • Zendesk: Auto-personalize macros and autoreplies, create unique view filters, and more.
  • Freshdesk: Build advanced automations based on almost any piece of Shopify data. Instantly fill in the blanks in canned responses and autoreplies.
  • Help Scout: Complete tedious tasks in your sleep by plugging order info into Help Scout Workflows.
  • Re:amaze: Turn order data into dynamic variables for use in workflows, response templates and autoresponders.

Take Actions in Zendesk, Freshdesk or Re:amaze

  • Issue refunds for the exact amount you want.
  • Cancel orders with the options to refund and restock at the same time.
  • Update buyer info.
  • Change order details like the customer's shipping address.

Please note that Shopify actions are not available for Help Scout.

Integrate Shopify, eBay, Amazon and Walmart Support

ChannelReply supports two-way messaging with the biggest ecommerce platforms on the planet. Answer buyer messages from Shopify, eBay, Amazon and Walmart on one screen!

Go Invisible

With our custom SMTP system, you can keep using your preferred email address for Shopify support. This makes ChannelReply invisible to your customers.

Gain More Control over Signatures

Create a unique signature for each Shopify store you connect to ChannelReply. Plus, Remove Unwanted Text lets you declutter your replies to Shopify customers or even censor your agents.

Sort Tickets Easily

Create a unique tag for each Shopify store or marketplace account you connect to ChannelReply so you can quickly sort your messages.

Provide Better & Faster Shopify Support

Integrate Shopify with your Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout or Re:amaze account. With better tools and data, you can fly through support requests and get back to selling!

Integração com

  • Zendesk,
  • Freshdesk,
  • Help Scout,
  • Re:amaze

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Seven Barrels

I initially downloaded Channel Reply to synchronize interactions with my customers across multiple channels after quickly realizing the myriad of communication channels we had open. Channel Reply allowed me to easily manage, track, and engage with my customers in a seamless and concise manner. The integration was a breeze and only took a matter of minutes. I'm already realizing the benefits after only a short period of use and now I can focus more on growing the business.


Great app, have been using ChannelReply for our Amazon & Ebay sales for years - happy to see them come to Shopify for our D2C site which was the last piece of the puzzle for us. Saves us a ton of time from having to switch around between support admins, all customer info loads and makes it very easy for our team!