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8 de maio de 2024

We cannot emphasize enough how exceptional their service and follow-up are. The customer care provided is not only prompt but also personalized, ensuring that any concerns are addressed immediately. We wholeheartedly endorse ChannelUnity for your store as they have played a pivotal role in our remarkable achievements on various third-party marketplaces.

Christmas by Krebs
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Mais de 4 anos usando o app
15 de agosto de 2018

Matt at Channel Unity is professional and knows exactly what to do even with complicated tasks.

I had great experience with this company and very satisfied with the results,

I am now a monthly subscriber and appreciate the service,

Thank You, Respectfully, Inna Gaker

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Quase 5 anos usando o app
28 de junho de 2018

The support team here are some of the best I've ever worked with. Shout out to Matt and Phil especially, who have been on hand and answered all of my queries almost instantly.

The software itself has been excellent so far. Easy to use and meets our exact business needs.

Thanks guys!

Spences Menswear
Reino Unido
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
7 de agosto de 2018

Their service and follow up is stellar. The customer care was quick & personal, any issues were resolved immediately. We highly recommend ChannelUnity for your store. We have had great success with our 3rd party marketplaces thanks to them!

Tactical Gear Distributors
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Mais de 3 anos usando o app
2 de setembro de 2014

we have been using Channel Unity for 12 weeks now to link inventory from Shopify to sell on Amazon. So far so good. Excellent support from the Channel Unity team with help & assistance to get the link up and running at every stage. Orders from Amazon appear in Shopify for us to fulfil in the same way as if they had come direct, and most importantly the inventory is accurate across the 2 channels. We are looking to shortly switch on more marketplaces and are confident that Channel Unity is a robust platform to take us forward with growing our business. Highly recommend this app.

High Octane Sport
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Mais de 2 anos usando o app
17 de novembro de 2017

I would go as far as saying this app has fundamentally changed our business, our level of orders and our long term prospects.

I must have trialled 10 different bits of software, wasted days and days of my time and completely wrecked my inventory. What I wanted to do seemed fairly simple to me. I wanted to link to (which we were already linked to through Inkfrog), and I wanted the software to create listings from my Shopify listings, keep stock pricing etc up to date, then ideally import any orders back into Shopify.

All the other products we looked at either didn't support all the channels we neededs, had terrible support, were incredibly, eye-wateringly expensive, were too US-centric or simply appeared not to work.

We are relatively small and trying to grow as fast as possible which can't make us all that unusual. I mention this because there seems to be an assumption amongst most providers of this type of solution that just because you want to sell across channels, you must be taking hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars/euros per month. Are we really the only Shopify user who really wants to get to that stage and sees multi-channel as a key way of getting there?

Anyway, we finally found ChannelUnity and the first couple of weeks were hard. What I learnt from trying other systems is that going multi-channel just is difficult. Amazon in particular are hugely fussy about the information needed to successfully list meaning that you will need to add extra "metafields" to Shopify with certain information like product material (depending on item), bullet points, search terms etc. The support from CU was great during this period and continues to be. They are there 7 days a week and have always responded to online chats within a minute or two. They even made a small change to their coding because I wanted to use Shopify "product types" to indicate the category for the channels and this was done in a few days. After these couple of weeks of work and learning, I came to the point where I feel completely on top of the system and it doesn't miss a beat.

Three pieces of advice:

1) I'll repeat that getting channels syncing is hard and is going to be a massive learning curve for even the relatively technical. This is far harder than just setting up Shopify. Sadly, without paying a fortune for someone to do it for you, there doesn't seem to be a way around this. CU will certainly, in my experience give you all the help they can.

2) Treat yourself to the £50 plan with online chat included. The guys are great and because of point 1 above, you're probably going to need them from time to time.

3) You will need to add extra metafields to Shopify to get Amazon working. I'm using an app called Superfields from the App Store which is perfect for this job.

Bigigloo Co Uk
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Quase 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 20 de janeiro de 2021

Absolutely Fantastic service! I have been using Channel Unity to integrate my POD and Physical Stock products to many different Etsy, eBay and Amazon channels for just over a year now and it has been great! I always receive prompt and detailed customer support along the way without any delay from Poppy and Emmet and they are always patient and informative with any questions I have now and again. Once you get your head around how the system manipulates data with the additional use of Meta Fields and their awesome 'Tag Product fields' feature you can start filling all the gaps for each marketplace giving you a serious advantage over other integration systems that only offer you options to fill the main sections. And usually if there are other options available you need to fill them in manually one by one. Channel unity gives you all the marketplace fields you need to make data rich product listings on all channels and with the use of the 'Tag product fields' feature you can build a tag to relate to data you need to be on a certain field in a marketplace and then add the tag in bulk to all the relevant Shopify listings within the Shopify bulk editor. This truly is a powerhouse system that is rock solid. It has never missed an order for me yet either, which is so important when you have multiple channels running. Keep up the great work guys!

Obsessed Merch
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Quase 2 anos usando o app
20 de janeiro de 2017

These guys are fantastic. We have worked with the company for the past 3 months and it has been an absolute pleasure. Ben and Michael have done great work for us and are very quick to provide support. All of this comes at a great price too. Thank you!!!!!

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Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Data de edição: 15 de abril de 2016

We have moved our ecommerce software / system from Magento to Shopify. Before we switched platforms we needed to find a Shopify plugin and third party company that we could use to import Amazon orders from all five Amazon EU marketplaces, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, as well as eBay UK direct into the Shopify order admin page (Basically we were looking for a good replacement to M2E Pro / Magento).

So now after setting up Channel Unity and our Shopify system all eBay and Amazon orders show up in Shopify admin along with our Shopify orders, all orders in one place is a great way to work.
At the time of writing this, there were no other system / plugin that offered this import order feature into Shopify, instead other multi-channel systems want you to login to their online portal to process orders. Also no other multi-channel companies integrate with all five Amazon EU marketplaces, they mainly offer US and UK Amazon only.

Another key feature we needed was to synchronise stock levels between Shopify and all marketplaces. Channel Unity handled this with no problem at all, including products like our baby shoes that came in various sizes.

We tested numerous plugins / companies, but none of them compared to Channel Unity. I contacted Channel Unity and right from the outset Matt and his team (mainly Emmet and Rob) were extremely helpful and knowledgeable (they know their stuff), to be honest nothing was too much for them to do.
Now, using Shopify, I am able to select any amount of orders (eBay / Amazon / Shopify web orders) and process them direct from Shopify admin, also when I ship them in Shopify, Channel Unity marks them as shipped in eBay and Amazon.
The whole process can take less than a minute, saving me valuable time to run my business.
I can't thank Matt and his team enough!

Reino Unido
8 meses usando o app
22 de fevereiro de 2016

Great support and the whole team, especially Rob has been super supportive in working through getting our products uploaded to Amazon. Its taken a bit of back and forth because of our categories and mapping but they've been super patient and really helpful in getting it all set up. Had our first Amazon sale as well and looking forward to getting our products out onto the other platforms as well.
Great level of service and they've been happy to answer and resolve even the most simple matters for me. Great support!

The Tea Studio
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7 meses usando o app