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Chat live with store visitors. Turn visitors into customers.

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Hi Brazil Market

I am moving back to Tidio
Very disappointing since is a feature from Shopify. Conversations as not keep together, the system starts a new one after a short time and to get worst there is no customer name so I am don’t know if is a new conversation.

The Beer Library

I would like to use this app as our model relies on personal assistance, however the features are far, far too limited. No option for a customer to leave contact information so if they leave the page all communication is lost on their end. I've found the kit integration to be generally good, but without any continuity for the customer, the app is useless.

Impact Absorbents

The chat feature worked very well for me. I was able to get a new customer to order easily, and some of the features of sending products and orders directly in the chat window came in handy.

However, without the ability to schedule active hours, have multiple users, and use a desktop client, I found that the tool becomes unusable for our needs. Add those features in and I would become a user again.


You send out a recommendation but dont advise upfront it needs iOS to work, pity when Samsung users cant use so why not let merchants know before installing, this is a let down and should be part of the intro email

InStyle Penguin

The icon is floating on the top of the website, it is impossible to move it to another position, or change the size of it (it is kinda huge). It covers half of on my "buy it" button. It is kinda annoying, since it is free, I don't want to be too critical about it. Will replace with better app after I get order for sure.

Spinnywhoosh Graphics

Going to have to agree with the other reviews. Looks like a great free app to add directly from shopify but it's absolutely worthless to me without android or desktop support to answer messages.

Developer reply

August 19, 2019

Hello Spinnywhoosh Graphics,
Thanks for your feedback, and we completely understand your frustration that Shopify Chat requires Ping, which is only for iOS at the moment. The team is actively thinking about the best way to deliver this feature to all merchants.


Catholic Productions

The biggest thing that would help would be the ability to use it on a desktop as well. Interacting with a customer via typing on a phone, copy and pasting pages on a phone, etc. is far less cumbersome when in front of the computer, and so on. So, when at the desk, I'd prefer to use the computer and only when I have to, use the phone. Would make interaction/responses quicker, clearer and faster, and thus making the customer service better, if the goal of this app is to be service oriented.

Additionally, being able to adjust the location of the message icon on the site would be helpful in light of other apps that use the same floating concept. Maybe offering bottom left, bottom right, mid-right, mid-left, top-right, and top-left as options would be and helpful.

As someone else mentioned, a "ding" or audial alert seems to be of fundamental importance with an app such as this and it appears to be missing.

Good idea, but implementation needs to be a bit more nuanced with, at minimum, the updates mentioned above before we could reasonably consider using it.

Developer reply

August 19, 2019

Hello Catholic Productions,
Thank you for your feedback, and we understand your frustration at some of the limitations of Shopify Chat.

These are all great suggestions, many of which are already on our list of features and improvements.

We appreciate the feedback and hope to address some of your concerns soon.


Best Maps Ever

If you aren't always ready to respond in seconds, this will only be a source of frustration on both ends. Customer doesn't know if you're typing a response, but more importantly you can't reach them if they close the page.

I also tested on a separate iPhone, as if I were a customer. I initiated a chat, which took up 95% of my viewport. Then I minimized it so I could continue browsing. The shop owner (me on another iPhone) replied, but there was no way for me to know that unless I manually expanded the chat bubble again. According to Shopify, "Customers using Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will see Apple Business Chat. All others will see Shopify Chat." ...I've had an iPhone since they were first released in 2007 and I have no idea what 'Apple Business Chat' is--but regardless nothing special happened. The chat looked exactly the same as it did on my PC.

The option to capture an email could save this app for me. I don't have a customer service team always ready to respond in an instant. I'm a guy with a life and it might take me a few minutes.


Works well, however being tied to Ping and no translation strings available, this is still in beta. Let's wait few months.

Developer reply

September 12, 2019

Hello IloinenKirsu and thank you for your review.

Wanted to let you know that now the Chat widget and welcome message are now automatically translated to appear in the same language as your storefront. Hope that helps make Shopify Chat more effective for you.

All the best,