Let visitors reach you easily

Chat is the preferred way for online shoppers to contact a brand. Answer questions and make recommendations for a better shopping experience

Turn visitors into customers

Visitors who chat with a brand are significantly more likely to make a purchase. Turn more visitors into customers through live chat

Works with Shopify Ping

Manage your messages with Shopify Ping, a free mobile app. Access your store to send products, discounts and new orders directly in the chat

Shopify Chatの詳細情報

Shopify Chat now works with Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices with Shopify Ping installed.

Shopify Chat is a free sales channel made by Shopify that gives your visitors a seamless way to contact you. Effortlessly setup and customize a chat button that will appear on your online store.

Chat with visitors as they browse products on your store and consider making a purchase. Answer questions, make product recommendations, and improve your chances of making a sale.

Messages show up inside Shopify Ping, a free mobile app available for iOS, iPadOS and Android. Ping lets you manage customer conversations, make product recommendations and share exclusive discounts to shoppers right inside your conversations with only a few taps.

With Ping and Shopify Chat you can:

  • Add and customize a Chat button on your online store
  • Respond to inquiries in real-time using Shopify Ping
  • Make product recommendations and share exclusive discounts
  • Track Shopify sales using your sales channel overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements:

  • To use Shopify Chat you must have an online store with Shopify
  • Shopify Ping must be installed on an iOS, iPadOS or Android device to receive and respond to messages


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The Cupcake Queens

Good functionality - easy to install.
Would like the seamless ability to manage the chats on a desktop.
Most other live chats have this.

Fascinators Direct

Early days as we have only just installed this app on our online hat shop: fascinatorsdirect.co.uk

The Shopify live chat app seems easy to use and it's free which is great but you will need to download Shopify ping to reply to your customers.

It's quite basic compared to some other paid apps and it lacks to ability to customise the appearance which is a shame. Hopefully, Shopify will improve the app over time.

Crooked Imaging Photo Video

Its a real shame this app is lacking important features! The concept is great but you can't move the position of the widget and it covers up the add to cart button on the sticky cart. We had many complaints of this :( You also can't set a time to be active so customers are getting annoyed when there is no response. We had to remove it for the time being but will install it if these things are addressed. www.crookedimaging.co.uk