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ChatCrew - Facebook Messenger Marketing

ChatCrew - Facebook Messenger Marketing

Developed by WhatsHelp.io

Price: From $0.00 / month More info
  • Increase sales by recovering abandoned carts via Facebook Messenger
  • Generate new sales with Comment-to-Messenger feature
  • Stay in touch with customers by sending manual broadcasts via Messenger

Increase Ecommerce Profits with Messenger Marketing

ChatCrew helps to drive back cart abandoners, send receipts & shipping notifications with discount code included, send manual broadcasts with offers and convert cold traffic from Facebook on Autopilot. All via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is the World's best new marketing channel. With 85% open rates and 25% click rates (source), Facebook Messenger is truly what email used to be, and represents the new era of direct business to consumer marketing.

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders

  • Order Receipt (Soon)

  • Fulfillment Notification (Soon)

  • Purchase Follow-up (Soon)

  • Comment-to-messenger automation for Flash Sales (Soon)

  • Manual Broadcasting (Soon)

How It Works

Once you install the app, your product pages will have a "Send to Messenger" checkbox plugin below the "Add to Cart" button. If your visitor is already logged into Facebook, the checkbox will already be pre-populated with his name.

Once he adds the product to his cart, he automatically gets opted in to get Facebook messages from your store. Your Facebook page then sends him up to 3 follow-up messages only if he didn't purchase.

Prior to Oct 6th, the default state of the "Send to Messenger" checkbox was opt-in. Facebook has changed its policy and it will no longer be opt-in by default for new stores. However, if you have used this plugin or connected your Shopify Messenger channel before Oct 6th, you'll still have the opt-in checked by default.


ChatCrew is free to use for up to 250 recipients per month. You also will have unlimited access to all of ChatCrew's premium features! Our pricing based on app usage and depends on a number of recipients.

When you sign up, we've no idea exactly how many messages we'll send so there are no upfront charges. The first monthly fee will be charged 30 days after your subscription.

  • $0/month (up to 250 recipients),

  • $9.97/month (up to 500),

  • $24.97/month (up to 1000 recipients).

  • Each additional 1,000 recipients costs $25.


Who is the sender of the Facebook message? Your Facebook page automatically sends the message. During install, you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook page

How many messages get sent? We can send up to 3 Facebook messages on your behalf. One will be 30 minutes after the cart gets abandoned, the 2nd will be 24 hours after, and the 3rd 48 hours after. In all cases, we check to make sure the visitor did not make a purchase before we message them!

Can I customize the Facebook message? Yes, you can customize the body of the message as well as the call-to-action button.

Is this within Facebook's terms-of-service? Yes, when your visitor opts-in through the checkbox, you are allowed to message them multiple times within a 24 hour period, and once after 24 hours per Facebook's policy.

I already have an abandoned checkout app. Would I still use this? Yes, you can use your current app to send emails to shoppers who left their email address. And this app will complement it by handling the visitors who did NOT leave an email address.

Will the "Send to Messenger" checkbox show for people logged out of Facebook? No, we hide the checkbox if a visitor isn't logged in since the chance of them logging in to check the box is very low.

I've installed the app, but can't see the widget. What is wrong? In most cases, your theme is not compatible with our plugin, so just contact our support and we will add the plugin manually.

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Very much satisfied amazing app.

From $0.00 / month

Pricing is based on the # of recipients each month: $0/month (up to 250 recipients), $9.97/month (up to 500), $24.97/month (up to 1000 recipients). Each additional 1,000 recipients costs $25.

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