ChatLi Post Purchase ChatBot

ChatLi Post Purchase ChatBot

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Feedback collection solution that keeps you ahead of the game

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Increase user engagement

Drive your feedback conversion rates through the roof with ChatLi’s powerful capability designed for the 21st century.

Personalized experience

Create a human-like convo for a user-friendly experience. Tweak ChatLi’s interface to reflect your brand.


The detailed conversation analysis tool helps you derive in-depth insights.

Sobre ChatLi Post Purchase ChatBot

About ChatLi's Powerful Post-Purchase Capability

ChatLi is a powerful post-purchase conversation bot designed for the 21st century crowd. Its job is to reach out to the customer after the purchase to gain valuable feedback about the shopping experience.The challenge was to make a chatbot with natural sounding dialogue that reflects the 21st century values and appeals to the pop-cultured user base.

The biggest advantage of ChatLi is its attention-grabbing format that boosts engagement and increases the response rate and ultimately generates leads. The post-purchase experience should be to the point and never make the respondents feel overwhelmed.

You can set the conversation criteria based on:

  • the type of product purchased (via the tagging feature in Shopify)
  • whether the customer has seen the conversation or not
  • whether the customer finished the conversation.

ChatLi’s clever and trendy design boasts highly customizable functions and offers multiple questions for you to personalize aimed at engaging with the user base in a meaningful way. As such, ChatLi is:

  • Device friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Detailed Analytics with an intuitive interface (export as CSV)
  • Showing conversation based on rules (purchased item tag, conversation seen, conversation finished)
  • Multiple questions
  • Gifs
  • Chat
  • Giveaway functionality
  • High response rates
  • Easy to setup in just 30s
  • Fits perfectly on Shopify’s Thank You page
  • Webhooks
  • Free plan (conversation template included)

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