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590 reviews
November 21, 2015

Perfect for keeping in contact with customers and tire kickers.

I've been using for the last few weeks and it has already had
an impact on my customer service and sales. From the well-designed iOS
app, to the online interface, and the creative customer-naming system,
to avoid treating anonymous customers like numbers, everything has been
first class.

I used another chat client previously, but did not like having to use my
IM client. The dedicated client here helps me filter out business IMs
from personal IMs and texts.

A few things that might be nice additions would be the ability to always
see the current page a customer is on. You can see this sometimes, but
not always. Another useful thing would be the ability to push a popover-
lightbox style offer based on a particular customer. For example, maybe
I see somebody in Libya (this just happened) and send an offer of
discounted shipping (the lightbox makes it look more like it "just happened" and less stalkerish than an IM. :))

These are minor quibbles. is an essential tool for using your
website to communicate with customers instead of hiding behind it.

Bluscenes 2
United States
Time spent using app: About 4 years
November 21, 2015

Where do I start? This app has been a massive success for us. We are a small team that is always on the go. Between my office manager and myself we are available during peak ordering hours and are able to help clients with questions they may have.

1. We used to get a contact form filled out every two to three weeks. We now get three to five messages a week. Talk about missed opportunity. Not anymore.

2. The installation was super easy and literally took 3 minutes.

3. It shows me where on my site the client was and this allowed me assist them without having to identify what they were doing. (I helped design our site!!!)

Only downside is that my spell check isn't pulled over yet. Since I access it via my mobile app I tend to make a few mistakes.

I highly recommend this app!!!!!!!

Fitfoods Seattle
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
November 20, 2015

This chat app is our favorite -- it is a really slick, absolutely easy to set up and use. We've used another chat app in the past which was a little buggy, and did not allow you to hide the chat tab (when you were offline). This one lets you hide it so if you're not online, people aren't sending you messages through this, which we find useful.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 5 years
Edited November 19, 2015

So far......Just installed. Incredibly easy, straight forward & stress free to set up!! Woo Hoo! Looks good on site too. Mobile app instantly installed onto my tablet (not compatible with my existing, little bit old phone, darn it) Look forward to seeing what will do for my new eCommerce adventure. Thanks ! Sue Ann

Flying Star Bar Shop
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
November 19, 2015

Absolutely amazing app that looks beautiful on your site and is easy to set up. Within 12 hours of installation, I had a customer chat that turned into a conversion. The Chatra customer service is excellent and their desktop app simplifies your availability. I'll be a customer for life!

Swahilimodern Com
United States
Time spent using app: Over 4 years
November 17, 2015

I was looking for an app that would allow me to answer customers questions through my mobile device and then I found Chatra.
I have Chatra integrated on both my US and CDN storefronts, and the mobile app allows me to answer customers from both sites.
Extremely easy to install, and support is quick and friendly.
I've already had multiple customers reach out through the app and I was able to help them instantly. This is a must have app!

Band Brand
Time spent using app: 4 months
November 11, 2015

If I could give this more starts I would! I have tried several other "Chat" apps offered as Shopify addons and nothing comes close to this one for functionality, integrations, service, and price. Easy to set up and so many ways to customize including your own custom triggers that you can set or turn off like having the chat screen popup only on certain pages and only if the customer has been back to the site 2 times. Yes you can get THAT specific. I've only been using it for a week and I am convinced that I have gained a BUNCH of sales simply for being there to answer a question when my customer has one. It has a great phone app to accompany it that also works great. Unlike other chat services, you don't have to have the app up on your phone screen for it to work. It will work in the background and pop up a notification when a chat request comes in. Seriously, give this app a try and I PROMISE you won't go back to any of the others.

Colorado Duds
United States
Time spent using app: 5 days
November 10, 2015

Excellent app! Very easy to setup and looks great! Not invasive like some of the other chat apps! Can respond on PC and Mobile and very easy integration. Even sends email when you are offline so you can respond to customers. Has proven extremely useful. Highly recommended.

Glampalm Singapore
Time spent using app: 5 months
Edited November 19, 2015

This app is a must, 100% recomended. Chatra is more than a simple chat, it helps you even to reduce cart abandonments. The look is great and the features really good. I like knowing what page the costumers are in every moment and have the possibility to send them an automated message if they land on a particular page. Definetely it worths a try.

Time spent using app: Over 3 years
Edited November 9, 2015

Wow! Awesome. The first weekend we had this installed, it proved its usefulness. Terrific options for when/where you want the chat window to pop up so as not to drive your customers away, but help them when they may be "on the fence" or need assistance (like that all-important check out page.) Also, options for personalized messages, design, etc. The accompanying app is totally rad! Need to step away from your computer? No problem. Chat from your phone! As a former customer care professional... I love it. Well done, Chatra. Well done!

United States
Time spent using app: Over 2 years