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ChatX Search | Advanced & Instant Search

ChatX Search | Advanced & Instant Search

Developed by ChatX.ai

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  • Boost your sales with the same traffic.
  • Help your visitors find what they want faster.
  • Get all our features for the same price.

Boost your sales with the same traffic.

Your site search often gets passed over as one of those elements you’ll improve “soon”. But starting to make it better can grow your conversion rate; and it also can lead to happier shoppers.

Help your visitors find what they want faster.

According to ConversionXL, 73% of visitors will abandon your site within 2 minutes if they can’t find what they’re looking for. That’s why our blazing fast semantic search shows your desired item instantly as you type.

To make this possible, we use cutting-edge AI technologies like Natural Language Understanding, Instant Spellcheck or Automatic Synonyms. Basically, it’s like reading your mind.

Gain access to restricted technology.

Our competitors tell you they use the most advanced search technologies. But they don’t tell you there are still some technologies only available to big companies like Google or Amazon. At ChatX, our mission is to give you access on hard to get hi tech, at fair prices.

Take our Visual Search for example, a feature that allows your visitors to upload a photo and instantly find similar products on your site. And did I mentioned the Voice Search or the other 20+ insane features?

Understand the needs of your customers.

Do you want to know your customers? Usually you need to invest a lot of time, effort and resources in market research and sometimes the results are not the one you’d expect. Getting to know your customers it’s hard.

On our dashboard you can find reliable analytics about what your visitors want to buy. With this kind of information you are just one step away from selling more stuff.

Still not convinced?

Then check our 20+ top-notch features specially built to increase your conversion. You’ll get them all for the same fair price, no matter how many monthly searches or products you have.

  • Semantic Search

  • Visual Search

  • Voice Search

  • Instant Spellcheck

  • Stop Words

  • Automatic Synonyms

  • Mobile Friendly Desing

  • Search Suggestions

  • Collection Search

  • Quick Links (Blog articles, Pages)

  • Top Searched Products

  • Trending Searches

  • Search History

  • Real-time & Reliable Analytics

  • Interface Customizations

  • Easy & Fast Setup

  • Live Chat Support

  • Daily Products Sync

  • On-Demand Products Sync

  • Search Results Page

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The Idea is very nice, unfortunately the synchronization does not work so much that it does not even try to initialize the synchronization ..... maybe the apps would be better to test them before .... is not it true shopify?

From $0.00 / month

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  • Up to 50,000 searches = $49.99/m

  • Up to 100,000 searches = $99.99/m

  • Up to 500,000 searches = $499.99/m

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