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SMS verification for orders in any country to reduce fraud

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Peace of mind for any orders

Reduce fraud and returns by automatically sending verification for COD orders. Verifications can be manually sent for any order.

Integrated checkout experience

Maintain trust by having customers verify their order as part of the checkout process. No fishy third party websites.

Verify orders in any country

Send SMS verifications instantly to over 200 countries worldwide with affordable pay as you go pricing.

Over Checkivo

Fraudulent orders are an unfortunate reality of ecommerce that impact our bottom line. SMS verification is a cost effective and reliable way to gain peace of mind and reduce fraud. This app enables merchants to easily send SMS verifications for any order in over 200 countries, which customers can complete as part of the trusted Shopify checkout process.

How does it work?

A merchant can send order verifications manually or automatically for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.

When automation is enabled, then:

  1. Customer places a Cash on Delivery (COD) order.
  2. Verification SMS is sent out automatically to the phone number in the order. We look for a valid phone number from the customer, order or shipping address.
  3. The final page in the checkout process, also known as the order status page, will display an input prompting the customer for the code they received on their phone.
  4. Once the user types in the code, they receive a success message. The order will now show as verified in the app, ready for the merchant to take further action.

In the event the user navigates away from the order status page, the SMS message contains a link back to the order status page to complete the verification at their own convenience.

Manual verification can be sent or resent for any order through the app.



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Gratis te installeren

Pay only for each SMS delivered. Coverage in over 200 countries. 3c for US & 1c for India.

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