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Checkout Point of Sale Connector

Checkout Point of Sale Connector

Developed by Acclivity

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  • Integrate your Shopify store with Checkout using the Connector.
  • Sync customers, products and sales.
  • Checkout manages sales, orders, invoices, customers and inventory.

Checkout + Shopify. Retail Meets eTail.

Use Checkout Point of Sale for your brick and mortar store and sell online with Shopify. The Connector will sync your data between the two apps. When setting up for the first time you can pull information (products, variations, and images) down from an existing Shopify store or push it up to Shopify from your Checkout file. Sync your Shopify orders to Checkout. You can read all about setting up the integration.

What is Checkout?

Checkout is a powerful, affordable point of sale solution for Mac which allows you to start selling within 15 minutes. You can take orders, process sales, print invoices and accept payments. Checkout records all in-store transactions to generate a range of interactive reports. Most Point of Sale systems are complex, difficult and hard to learn. To overcome these obstacles Checkout is built with a focus on ease of use and simplicity without holding back on functionality. The interface is clean and understandable. To give it a try, download the free trial version.

Who Uses Checkout?

Checkout is perfect for single-location boutiques, shops and stores selling goods of any kind. Some great examples: Sporting Goods, Bike Shops, Book Stores, Stationery, Jewelry, Hobby, Toy & Game, Camera & Photographic, Gift, Novelty & Souvenir, Clothing Boutiques, Thrift Shops, Florists, Art Galleries, Museums, Pop Up Shops and Art Supply. Checkout is not for restaurants or multi-store chains. Wondering if Checkout is right for your store? Give us a call (877-788-1202).

Hardware Integration

Checkout connects with a wide range of the Point of Sale hardware you probably need for your store, including label printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and pole displays. Configuration of these devices is generally very simple, and can be completed quickly following a few basic steps. And we even offer hardware bundles for your convenience (US and Canada only).

Checkout Point of Sale Connector reviews

6 reviews
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We started with Checkout and was excited when Acclivity announced the addition of Shopify....this connector was ok initially, however it will no longer upload product photos and item stock with variations are intermittently updated to correctly reflect inventory. We are a mom & pop shop and we don't have the time to constantly police what works and what doesn't. We can't rely on the software to work seamlessly for us. We have since paused our store on Shopify as we cannot trust the app to update successfully. We are currently looking into dropping Checkout completely and moving to LightSpeed. Although Acclivity staff has been extremely helpful in trying to diagnose and solve the issue, the technology has fallen short and is behind these fast moving internet based times.


We started using checkout in our shop almost 7 years ago and added the point of sale connector last year. We have had SO many issues and wasted so much time on this product that we decided to drop Checkout completely. We are now using Shopify exclusively. Research this product and it's limitations carefully before using.


We've been using Checkout POS for 7 years in our physical store - combined with their old Enstore webshop.
We moved to shopify last year and it works easily with the shopify connector.

Checkout is a good system at a reasonable price, that can handle most of our needs.


We've been operating on the Checkout POS for over a year. We were so excited when they announced that Shopify would be the replacement for Enstore. After the first web store sync, it was all downhill from there. Shopify was unable to grab the product photos and all variations, from the POS which would require the product variants, price, photos, etc to be completed in Shopify... All would be fine until it was time to sync! All of the hard work would be deleted and the product would be gone. The inventory intermittently would subtract our in-store sales from the webstore but rarely, this also became frustrating and created a mound of special orders. I WOULD HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ANYONE FROM BUYING THIS PRODUCT OR OTHER MAC CHECKOUT PRODUCTS FROM ACCLIVITY (They are not affiliated with Apple, they just licensed they name)


We started with Checkout POS and then added Shopify. Checkout does not transfer changes from Shopify to Checkout only the other way round. This can be, and is for us, extraordinarily frustrating. Variants created with a Sale price are overridden at the next sync and all the old prices are back. I am at a loss what to do about this. Seems we cannot have a sale price on Shopify!!!!!!!! This is just plain dumb. On the plus side it is handy to have our inventory in Checkout. The sale issue may kill it for us though, as we advertise sale prices and cannot have them reflected in our online store. .


CAUTION! If you already have a running Shopify Store, and you are looking for a POS Solution for your physical retail Store, then don't use this Software!
This only works if you start with the CHECKOUT APP first and upload items from Checkout to Shopify. If you want to import items from Shopify into Checkout, you'll end up with a huge mess in your existing webshop. What it does, it downloads items from Shopify into Checkout, deletes it from Shopify and reuploads it from Checkout to Shopify. While doing this, it deletes the collections from the items, since checkout doesn't work with collections. So please be aware! Unfortunately this is nowhere mentioned and we have learned it the hard way. Please also make sure to make a backup of your items have the backup received, before you start syncing! Another thing we learned the hard way!


The Checkout Connector is a free service. All you need is a license of Checkout and a Shopify store to get started.

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