Checkout Comments

Checkout Comments


Get product feedback from your buyers right at checkout.

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Understand buyer intent

Collect comments during checkout to understand why your customers purchase your products.

Analyze your checkout comments

Compare all checkout comments and improve your marketing, product and customer experience with the new insights.

Show comments as micro-reviews

Micro-reviews improve the conversion rate on your product pages and help you to get more traffic with fresh & relevant content (SEO).

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Improve your product and marketing with buyer comments

  • Improve your products by understanding why visitors buy your products
  • Receive more organic traffic from searches that are based on usage intent
  • Increase your conversion rate with positive mirco-reviews nex to ‘Add to Cart’

How it works

Your customers will see an input field for a comment next to each product after the purchase - so the text input cannot harm the conversion rate. The input field will be visible in the confirmation page on your store as well as in the confirmation email sent to your customers.

Understanding buyers = Business success

  • Find new product ideas and the USP of your current products
  • Create better marketing campaigns by understanding your customers
  • Perfect your product descriptions and store content for prospective customers

Sell more with enhanced product pages

  • Organic traffic increases because of additional user-generated content that is relevant and fresh
  • Conversion rate increases because social proof for buying is provided during the decision-making process of the potential customer
  • Checkout comments are generated right after purchase and are therefore provided faster than product reviews

Settings & Customization

  • Customize your checkout question asked after purchase
  • Disable autopublish to manually curate checkout comments
  • Localize all text to fit your store’s language and tone

Happiness guaranteed

  • Free Shopify app: Checkout Comments is free of any charge to make sure that every merchant has the opportunity to gain customer insights to improve their business.
  • Lightning fast: The Checkout Comments widgets loads via Shopify metafields rather than via Javascript. This means your visitors will see the Checkout Comments right upon loading the page.
  • Support that cares: When you have a question or an issue, we are on it. Customer support via email is taken care of by the team.

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5.0 de 5 étoiles

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Excelente servicio al cliente de parte de, Me ayudaron con la instalación de este app y el formato para que luzca bien en mi pagina web.
Una app sencilla para recoger Opiniones sobre algun producto y demostrar confianza a futuros clientes!


Very intuitive app! We are using on our website Customer service is good and the app can also translated in languages other than English. Recommend!

Zero Waste Outlet

What a fun and great way to generate unique customer content that is both natural and informative for prospective shoppers. Great program and great customer service. My issue was addressed within and few short hours by Lam who took great care of me and knew exactly what to do to fix it. Recommended!