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Checkout Doctor

Checkout Doctor

Developed by Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency

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  • Analyze your consolidated store's abandoned checkouts
  • Understand abandoned checkouts charactaristics
  • Decrease abandonments and increase your store's sales

Are you familiar with the frustrating feeling of passing over your store's abandoned checkouts, ONE BY ONE, never understanding the common characteristics of these lost sales? Well, not anymore!

Why do you need Checkout Doctor?

69% (yes, 69%!!) of customers will leave their cart in the middle of the purchase process. There are many reasons for that, such as finding out about additional costs, mis-configurations and external interference. Shopify helps you in sending abandoned checkouts email, which will return 7% of them on average. BUT, you probably want to return many more of them, isn't it?

What will Checkout Doctor do?

Checkout Doctor is an app that analyzes your store's abandoned checkouts, and lets you get insights about these abandonments. Among other reports, you will have the ability to segment the abandoned checkouts:

  • By checkout stage

  • By payment gateway

  • By referrer

  • By product

  • By discount code

  • By UTM campaign

  • By UTM medium

  • By UTM source

  • By country

For each of these reports, you will be able to see which checkouts with the same characteristics recovered and which didn't; You will be able to contact each customer by email, AFTER you understood why he left the checkout in the middle; And... above all, you will be able to make changes in your store and recheck the abandoned checkouts in order to make sure you manage to increase the number of returning customers.

Why did we develop Checkout Doctor?

Checkout Doctor was born at Q-Biz | eCommerce Agency, which is a Shopify partner and has great expertise in optimization of Shopify stores. After we managed to increase recovery rates for our clients by understanding WHERE and WHY customers left the checkout process, we decided to bring our expertise and knowledge to all Shopify store owners.

Can you give me examples to common use cases of the app?

Checkout Doctor will offer you tips and actions you can take in order to increase your recovery rate and get back lost sales. Several common use cases will be:

  • Get an aggregated list of all recovered abandoned checkouts, and look for commonalities

  • Analyze abandoned checkouts by referrer, and learn which referrers are more likely to be responsible to abandoned checkouts

  • Check abandoned checkouts by marketing campaign, and figure out which of your campaigns are causing the highest portion of abandoned checkouts. You may want to modify or stop these campaigns

  • Identify the discount coupons that cause the highest number of abandoned checkouts. You may want to check why these coupons are not attractive enough

  • Are there any products that abandoned the most? Check our products report and find out which products are more "problematic"

  • Are there clients from specific countries that are more likely to abandon a checkout at your store? Use our geographical report and get insights per country. If a specific country has a high portion of abandoned checkouts, you may want to change shipping costs to this country, or re-check the tax settings

No setup is needed

There is no setup needed after installation of the Checkout Doctor. The Doctor will start automatically to analyze your abandoned checkouts, and offer you immediate insights.

Try Checkout Doctor for FREE and let your store sell more!

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Checkout Doctor reviews

4 reviews
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Very useful, allows figuring out common reasons customers are abandoning.


Finally you can see what's happening in the checkout area ....
Provides a lot of reliable and useful information which is essential for improving the checkout zone...

highly recommend.


I'm ashamed to admit I never knew how much money I lose in abandoned sales. Used to pass over them, send abandoned emails and pray...this app gives the big picture. Great tips. Great tool.


I had no idea there was a problem with my loyalty rewards discount code causing customers to abandon their carts - what a genius app!


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