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BeSure Checkout Rules

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Redigerat 17 juni 2024

We sell high-value items and use shopify basic plan. This app do not let you hide credit card payments with the basic plan.

All we want is for high-value items to show wire transfer option. Is very risky to sell high-value items and get paid by credit card since cards can get chargeback any time and you will lose the high-value item and money. You need to have shopify plus which cost more to make this app work at least to hide credit card payments option.

Update 6-17-24
I change the review from 1 to 2, but the description was not clear or said that this app have to be on Shopify Plus to be able to hide "credit card payment".
Could be nice that this is well highlighted in description before someone installs the app and loses time trying to make it work when it will not work unless the person has Shopify Plus.

Kingdom DTF
Ungefär en timme användning av appen
StoreSpark svarade 19 juni 2024

Thank you for your review. I understand your frustrations about the Credit Card option.

This restriction of not being able to change Credit Card option is imposed by Shopify and they require you to be on Shopify plus, in order to change the Credit Card option, if your business is located in US/Canada. This app has no control over it, as this restriction is directly coming from Shopify.

This is a recent change by Shopify (5 June 2024) and we are trying our best to inform all merchants about it (by sending emails + this app shows this restriction inside the rules as well). Again, to re-iterate, this is a Shopify restriction and has nothing to do with the app (We have no control over this).