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Automated Personal Recommendations by Chester

Automated Personal Recommendations by Chester

Developed by Rvere

3 reviews
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  • Turn small purchase into large ones with smart product recommendations.
  • Automatically make more money over time as Chester learns more about your visitors.
  • Painless zero effort setup. Chester does everything for you.

Hire Your First Digital Sales Expert That Actually Sells

Chester is an AI sales concierge that helps customers buy more. Nestled into the corner of your shop, Chester appears at convenient times to offer product advice and motivate customers to buy more. Make more money in every cart with the best hire you'll ever make.

Turn $15 Carts into $50 Carts

Stop leaving money on the table and turn small purchases into large ones. Chester works hard to upsell the right products to the right customers.

Product recommendations are personalized based on dozens of factors based on user behaviour, visitor trends and cart data. As Chester sees what works, he optimizes his recommendations to make you more money.

Motivation that Converts More Carts

Chester encourages more purchases by reminding customers how close they are to achieving free shipping. As the customer adds more things to their cart, Chester gamifies the process to motivate purchases.

No Setup Required. Chester does everything for you.

No complicated setup. Don't waste time configuring product combinations or choosing what products to offer. Chester crunches the numbers for you and gets smarter as he monitors visitor shopping behaviour.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We'll prove to you that Chester makes more money. We'll track every dollar that Chester makes for you and show it to you in a beautiful dashboard.

Try Chester FREE for 7 days and find out how much more money Chester will make for you.

Automated Personal Recommendations by Chester reviews

3 reviews
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Has great potential, unfortunately always suggests out of stock items that have been hidden from all sales channels. Would be usable if it showed products that were in stock and available.


It's been great so far. Been having a number of orders where customers add from the recommendations made by Chester! Very happy with it! It would be awesome if you could enable colour codes for the customization part so that I can put my website's colour code for Chester tho.

All in all, a great app! And loving the early bird special as well!


Seems like an awesome app with a ton of potential. I installed it and played around with it, but ultimately I uninstalled it because there simply aren't enough customization options to make it match my brand. For example, I am a store selling Jewish religious products, I would want to change the name of the virtual assistant to something other than Chester, also perhaps the image.


EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Free for the first 200 users!

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