Magic Order Attachments

Magic Order Attachments

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Magically link scanned documents to Orders using OCR

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Reads order # in scanned docs

OCR reads order numbers in scanned documents and automatically link them to your orders. Process 100 documents under a minute.

Find scanned documents fast

Once processed, you can find collection slips, order notes and other documents quickly. Great for handwritten notes on order slips.

Upload to your Google Drive

Upload or scan documents directly to your Google Drive and we will magically find the order numbers in Shopify to link to.

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Artificial Intelligence Reads Order Numbers on Scanned Documents

Our software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read order numbers on scanned documents and links them to your orders in your Shopify Admin

File Hardcopies in the Cloud

Do you keep hard copies of your packing slips, invoices or handwritten notes after sending items to your customers? You no longer have to do that. Scan all your files into a Google Drive folder, and we will link them to your orders directly.

Link Google Drive documents to your Shopify orders

How it works?

  • Chiibi Scan keeps an eye on a specific Google Drive folder
  • When a new file is added, Chiibi Scan uses artificial intelligence to read the document and will look for an order number
  • Chiibi Scan then use the order number in the document to link to the correct order in your Shopify admin under the notes attributes

Scan directly to Google Drive

Many scanners can scan directly to Google Drive. With Chiibi Scan, we will link all your files with your orders in your Shopify admin.

It is effortless to file packing slips, invoices and other order information so you will never lose them—making sure they’re right where you need them when you need them.

Drag pdfs or jpgs directly to Google Drive

You can drag individual files or pdfs into your Google Drive. All new files will be analysed and linked automatically.

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  • Google Drive

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