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China Speed

China Speed

Developed by cn-speed

Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Enhance China users' access experience
  • Automatically remove unserviceable plugins for China. Other countries will not be affected.
  • Speed up admin page. Reduce the amount of time spent on file uploads and edits to your theme.

CN-SPEED is a fully automated speed web services solution.

  • Get started right away. The installation and setup of speed server takes only a few seconds. No programming or technical experience required.

  • You will receive an accelerated domain

  • Use your own domain. Set up your domain CNAME to server.


What are our advantages?

  • Compare with other tool.

    1. Out of box. You don't need any additional app or software. You don't need any configuration.
      You can use it on any device, at any time, in any place.

    2. Other tools is risky and unstable.

    3. Your customers don't know how to get it.

    4. Your erp system or other app con't get continuity and stability communications.

    5. Similar tools always have limitations.

  • Compare with similar product from other company

    1. We are use the third generation reverse proxy technology. Out of box.

    2. Provide multi area server

    3. Automatically remove the web service which can't be reached from China.
      For example : Google AD service, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and so on.

    4. Support SSL, Enjoy HTTPS.

    5. You will got a real traffic monitoring. Everything will be under control.

    6. Support backup access log and error log.

How does it work?

  • We build a mirror server for you in Hong Kong or other area with Nginx's reverse proxy technology.

  • It can utilize advantage geographic location and network environment.

  • And then we will automatically remove the web service which con't be reach from China.
    For example : Google AD service ,Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and so on.


Not convinced? E-Mail us at vmenghua@gmail.com we'll gladly answer any questions and convince you that is the perfect way to accelerate the site for China!

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From $29.00 / month

Free trial for 7 days - If you uninstall during the first 7 days you will not be charged.

For 10K PV daily : 29$ / month.

For 50K PV daily : 49$ / month.

For 100K PV daily : 69$ / month

7 days

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