Chinabrands Dropshipping APP

Chinabrands Dropshipping APP


Dropship Beauty Device,Protective Mask ,Toy and Women clothing

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High-quality Niche products

Helps you find the best products for your business, and add them directly into your Shopify store.You can import all the products for free.

Dropship Wholesale Pricing

We offer wholesale prices for your to give you the highest profit margin.Enjoy competitive pricing that allows for promotions and sales.

Fast shipping and response

You do not need to communicate with multiple suppliers, we help you manage all suppliers to provide fast delivery and consulting services.

Chinabrands Dropshipping APP 정보

Who is Chinabrands

Chinabrands is an established leading dropshipping platform in China. We are a self-operated platform. All the processes are completed and maintained by our employees, including sourcing products, product storage, inspection packaging, logistics delivery, and after-sales service.

Our website integrated with more than 18 platforms,including Shopify, Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Lazada, Kilimall and etc.There are over 10000 orders from Chinabrands every day without any delays to the end customers.

  • Cost advantage

We have very low source product price that you see from Ali, eBay, Amazon at 15-20% cheaper rate. Because we purchase in bulks and cooperated with over 6000 suppliers, including many famous brands, like Huawei, xiaomi and etc.

  • Fast Shipping

About logistics, we cooperate directly with leading global logistic companies including DHL, EMS and special express lines to shorten the delivery time. Meanwhile, we have many overseas warehouses in the United States, England, France, Russia, and other countries.

  • High quality

We have a large professional QC team. And all the supplier and products must be strictly checked again and again. So there is no need to worry about the product quality.

  • Auto-fulfillment and auto-tracking numbers

Auto-place orders and tracking numbers are synced with Shopify so your customers will know exactly when the products will arrive

Why I find some products are very low available on stock in Shopify app

The inventory you see in Shopify app is the inventory currently stored in Chinabrands' own warehouse. The inventory of the supplier's warehouse we work with is not displayed in Shopify app . For hot-selling products, we will order large-volume inventory and store them in our warehouse.For products with average sales volume, we keep a small amount of stock in our warehouse.

If a small amount of stock is sold out, our system will automatically initiate a purchase and the supplier will ship products to our warehouse at once and then we will ship for you.

You will see that our new arrival products are all zero inventory, because we do not purchase new products from suppliers, but just created a product details page. If you want to import a new product, it is recommended to manually add inventory and tell your customers about processing time on your website. New products, the processing time is about 5-8 days.

What about the warranty policy?

If the product has quality problems or lacks accessories, you can request a refund or replacement.

We are in Shenzhen, China. We have customer service on duty every day from 9 am to 8 pm Beijing time. You can consult online or submit a ticket at any time.All information can be processed within 24 hours.

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Trend IT Local

please help. i am unable to install the app on my shopyfy.... this is what i got

This app is currently unsupported. The developer needs to update it before you can install it. You can contact the developer via their Shopify App Store page or website.


Very bad support. never someone available to help. products are very expensive. I will have to unistall the App, it does not worth to work with this app. I do not reccomend.

Ofertas 247

Horrible customer support. I sent 3 emails and no one never reply. I have imported some of the products that say they are in a US warehouse but 90% of those products only show 1 or 2 available in their inventory, that's very weird. ChinaBrands want to make people know they are a big company with hundreds of verified suppliers, with thousands of products, with warehouses worldwide but After I did some test and research is just a group of people that also drops shippers, all they do is wait for someone to order so they can the order from aliexpress suppliers and they take their % so Chinabrands is also a drop shipper, that's the reason why their products are sooo expensive. The other thing is that based on their website they sound like a BIG company but since last 4 days I will be coming to the App and click every 4 hrs the Chat area to get support and there's never anyone available, very weird a BIG company never have someone available for chat support.. Also, Products that are located in US warehouses, supposedly they have some warehouse inside the US, they are charging over $20 for shipping, Can you guys imagine someone that orders 1 jean will pay $20 for shipping? when you can send it via USPS or UPS for just $4??? WOOOW, is ChinaBrands a SCAM? Why do Shopify let this APP continue doing business here? This is the worse app I have ever seen since I started dropshipping 4 years ago. HOrrible, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE, They will only reply if you leave a bad review, otherwise, they do not care about the money, they do not even send your packages.