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Choice AI [Updated Jan-2018]

Choice AI [Updated Jan-2018]

Developed by MineWhat Inc

6 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Use intelligent interfaces to increase your store’s engagement and conversion.
  • Deploy Smart Banners, Pages, or Elements on your store in less than 2 minutes
  • Improve conversions with next-click prediction using Artificial Intelligence

About Choice AI

Choice AI is a personalization engine that enables eCommerce store owners to empathize more with their customers using intelligent interfaces. Choice AI’s Intelligent Interfaces respond to each shopper’s needs using 1:1 personalization and dynamic components that can change in real time.

What comes with the package?

Smart Banners

Influence shoppers’ decisions with AI powered banners on your eCommerce store. Smart banners provide a 1:1 personalized experience by changing its content in real-time to reflect each shopper’s interests.

Smart Pages

Create infinite user experiences with Smart Pages. Choice AI identifies each shopper’s preferences and changes the website content to show products and offers that match their needs. It makes relevant products more visible and creates a unique path-to-purchase funnel for everyone.

Smart Elements

Choice AI’s Smart Elements act as an interface between your shoppers and your website. It understands their intent and actively suggests the appropriate products or collections in real time. By bringing the products to the shopper directly, they are more inclined to make a purchase.


    Conversion optimized templates

    Responsive HTML5 banners

    Mobile and browser compatibility

    No Code Editor

    1:1 Personalization (Suggestions unique to each shopper)

Recent Upgrades

    Plugin based Visual Editor to maximize compatibility

    Point and Click component placement

    Automated Theme Detector

    Customized Rule Engine

    Image Framing Technology for creating Smart Banners in real time

    Create Variants for A/B testing

    Pro Templates

    One Click Publish to deploy directly to your website


Is Choice AI really free forever?

The free plan is deisgned for any eCommerce store with lesser than 500 users a month. The intention behind this plan is for new eCommerce businesses to explore the advantages and potential Artificial Intelligence offers. Larger stores can understand how Choice AI can have an impact on their conversions using the limited 7 day free trial.

Do I need to edit my website code for Choice AI to work?

Choice AI installation works pretty much like a Google Analytics setup. Apart from adding our code snippet and following the installation steps for your eCommerce platform, you do not need to edit or modify your website for any other purpose.

Do I need to learn coding to use Choice AI?

No, it's not required for the user to have coding knowledge. The best part about Choice AI is that it's designed with the user in mind because of which, we have eliminated any requirement for coding in our app. All creation of Banners, Pages and Elements is done inside the 'Visual Editor' which does all the coding for you.

How do I sign up?

Click the Get button at the top right corner and sign up for our no-risk, no creditcard, free forever plan right now!


If you face any issues, view our support documentation or get help from our team at support@choice.ai.

Head over to our tour page to know more.

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Choice AI [Updated Jan-2018] reviews

6 reviews
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Terrible experience with the customer service representative I was chatting when I requested assistance with installing this app. The description for this app states that the app is free for websites that have less than 500 monthly users. I recently launched my website not even a month yet, which currently has less than 500 visitors. The rep I was chatting with asked me how many users I currently have on a monthly basis and revenue through my website. After I provided him with the details, he responded with that the Choice app works best for websites with more users than I currently have so he would not be able to install the app to my website and that I should revisit them in a couple of months. I read their description and no where does it say that for their free version of the app, you must meet a minimum amount of users. Pretty lame and I would never utilize a service from a company that is sees my company as too small when I am starting out. I removed the code from my theme and deleted their app. Just like the name of this app, I'm certain in a couple of months, there will be other choices with AI technology.


Don't install this plugin if you like your shop not to break! We installed the app for a few hours only to find out it wouldn't work right. Customer support was not helpful at all (even though they promised to fix the problem) so we deleted the app again.

After we used the app our conversion rate crashed! After a lot of testing we found out that some code the app left in our theme made images disappear and other funky things that crashed our conversion.

Nice idea but not ready for primetime at all!


We had been using Choice for a couple of months and so far the results have been pretty good. Choice has helped us increase our e-commerce conversion rate by up to 60% and we hope that this will increase further in the coming months as their tool learns more about our visitors' behavior. With their visual editor design tool we were able to create effective landing pages and banners very quickly and with minimum design skills. This has saved us a lot of time and money!!
Their support team has been very helpful and they went out of the way and shared their suggestions and inputs on best practices for page design, creating marketing campaigns etc which helped us increase our revenue. It was a delight working with them and would definitely recommend to my friends


In theory, the product is very good. Just don't change your site's domain as it will never work again.

Support can take up to a week to reply to your queries (when you email and remind them) and then reply with a totally different answer.

Don't waste your time.

UPDATE 01/10/2017

I decided to revisit this application recently. And am glad to say I did. They have completely revamped the format. The way there AI apps are now implemented on your site. The apps seem to have also been much improved in terms of performance and reliability.

Most importantly for me is the back end support and feedback response you get from the company. They finally seem to have got a CEO who is giving the business some positive direction and much needed guidance.

They are now worthy of five stars for a much improved product, but more importantly company guidance.


Interesting app, supposed to fill up with data over time. Plan to check back later.


Same day Update: Responce back from support was fairly quick. They are sending an ebook on how to use the app and seem more than happy to help an anyway. I cant wait to get this app fully up and running on my site.

Still waiting to see how this works out. They dont give you much info to get going. Im hoping they will give out or make an ebook or video on how to use the app and what it exactly does. But i am giving it a try and we will see how support does through the setup process and how responsive they are to help questions which right now is a lot because there is no info on how to use the app and what features do what. I will update as the process continues and we get a chance to really test it. Check it out at www.uptownmale.com to see it in action

From $0.00 / month


7 days


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