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Choice AI

Choice AI

Developed by MineWhat Inc

3 reviews
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  • Increase likelihood of a purchase by over 5X
  • Powerful self learning algorithm based on clicks, similar shopper behavior, ROI and more
  • One click installation, get started in under 5 minutes

Choice is an in-store automation platform for your eCommerce store. Engage and convert visitors with intelligent assistance, recommendations, triggers, popups and emails.

Shoppers often have difficulty in expressing their interests and needs on an online store. Get ahead of the curve, understand what they need to personalize their experience. With Choice you can run conversion experiments with assistance widgets, popups, flyins, emails and more. You also can allocate traffic to each and switch experiments on or off.


  • Shopping assistance
    Our in-store widget recreates a brick and mortar shopping experience with product and style suggestions.

  • In-place widgets
    Place personalized suggestion widgets anywhere on your store with just a few clicks.

  • Engagement triggers
    Choice observes shopper behaviour and at the right moment nudges shoppers along with discounts and questions.

  • Exit intent and behavioral popups
    Get more from your shoppers with personalized offers when they browse through or exit your store.

  • Automated, personalized emails
    Choice creates email suggestions for all your shoppers and syncs this to Mailchimp, Sendgrid and more.

  • Image search for product features
    Enable shoppers to visually search for and find similar products based on features they like.
  • For more info on features and usage click here

    Contact details

    Mail us : support@choice.ai

    Choice AI reviews

    3 reviews
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    In theory, the product is very good. Just don't change your site's domain as it will never work again.

    Support can take up to a week to reply to your queries (when you email and remind them) and then reply with a totally different answer.

    Don't waste your time.


    Interesting app, supposed to fill up with data over time. Plan to check back later.


    Same day Update: Responce back from support was fairly quick. They are sending an ebook on how to use the app and seem more than happy to help an anyway. I cant wait to get this app fully up and running on my site.

    Still waiting to see how this works out. They dont give you much info to get going. Im hoping they will give out or make an ebook or video on how to use the app and what it exactly does. But i am giving it a try and we will see how support does through the setup process and how responsive they are to help questions which right now is a lot because there is no info on how to use the app and what features do what. I will update as the process continues and we get a chance to really test it. Check it out at www.uptownmale.com to see it in action

    From $0.00 / month
    14 days


    Choice AIfree

    Support & Sales

    MineWhat Inc
    +1 (479) 439 0135
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