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15. März 2023

Does not work, emailed support one week ago with no response. Thats what you get from a shit dev that focuses only on pumping out new apps with no care about existing apps or merchants.

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13. Dezember 2021

This app did not work in my store. I can't contact customer support either so I don't know where to turn for help.

Kindred & Crew
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
RoarTheme hat geantwortet 13. Dezember 2021

Hi there,

First of all, thank you for your interest in our app.

Regarding your question,
Please let me know your problem details via, our support team will help you ASAP :)

Thank you!

9. Februar 2021

I used this app, the snowfall worked fine but there is no setting to set up the Valentine theme. I could not find it anywhere in the setup. The heading is misleading because I mainly wanted the valentine's theme and that is the reason I downloaded the app. I thought I will be able to use the Valentine theme but it is now showing up in my setup options.

RJ Collection - Your Shopping Genie
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: Fast 2 jahre
RoarTheme hat geantwortet 10. Februar 2021

Hi there,

First, I'm so sorry for your case.

When you installed the app, we will insert default settings for you because there have many features.

If you want to show for Valentine, you can type the "Valentine" keyword on the search bar, we will show the Valentine effects for you.

Please refer to the below video. It will help you how to do it

If you have more questions. Please let me know, I would be glad to help you.

Hope this helps :)

Hope this helps :)

3. Januar 2021

I can't remove the snow effect from my store for 3 days, customers service didn't respond yet (3 days man), today app is finally worked already. Too much headache for just a snow effect

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa ein monat
RoarTheme hat geantwortet 4. Januar 2021

Hi kindtouchlovers,

I've checked your store and the snow effect no longer exists, just like what you want. Also, my support team kindly asked you for a "staff account" info to check the issue but no response from you until now (ticket #2647477). Frankly, I have never kept clients waiting more than 1 day. I think it's just a misunderstanding here and I am so sorry about this, so our app is wrongfully rated in this case. And if you need anything, I am willing to help.
I hope this makes sense.

Thank you so much.

31. Dezember 2020

This app don't work very well. I can't integrate in my shopify RoarTheme. When I Enable it, don't work.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 14 stunden
RoarTheme hat geantwortet 31. Dezember 2020

I think you previewed or published nee theme without running the app's install wizard again to add required code.

By default, after installing the app, we only add required code into you live theme. If you change your live theme to others, you need to run the installation wizard again.

Please go to the below link, and our installation wizard will let know the next steps.

Please help me to check it again and let me know your results.

Hope this helps :)