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Churn Detection

Churn Detection

Developed by Datatrics

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  • Predicts which customers are going to leave you
  • Actionable next best actions to keep them on board
  • Easy to pair with both internal and external data sources

Do you know which customers stick around an which customers quit shopping at your store? Churn Detection shows you which customers have decided to shop elsewhere and which ones are loyal to your store.

Traditionally, retailers have followed a simplistic, one-size-fits-all approach when flagging customers as active or inactive. For example, a retailer might say that anyone who has not purchased for 90 days is inactive.

Our Churn Detection Tric detects shoppers who are fading away by analyzing historical customer behavior. By doing that, we can give you unique insights in which customers are leaving you, why they do that and how you can prevent that.


Datatrics uses Big Data and Predictive Analytics to combine all your data into useful insights and sales opportunities. We're on a mission to make the power of Big Data and Predictive Analytics available for all online retailers, that's why we designed an accessible SaaS platform.

We love to work with both small and large e-commerce innovators including Schiphol Group, Siemens, Giant, McGregor and many more retailers.

Why? Sales.

Know your customer, offer them more relevant content and increase sales.

What? Trics.

Algorithms and visualizations that give you Smart and Predictive insights.

How? Insights.

Connect all your data-sources, add external data and apply our Magic Data Trics.

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From $250.00 / month



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