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3. Mai 2024

Well Cin7 asked for a review, my guess is that they may stop asking based on the rating they have here. I would NEVER EVER EVER recommend this platform to any e-commerce business that has a multi-channel distribution (which they claim to support). We have been in business for 10 years on ecomm and I can say this is the WORST investment of time, energy, and money I have ever made. The tech issues related to this platform are plentiful, we have open "tickets" for over a year. Their customer service barely fixes a problem as we always here "hum, this isn't happening to any one else" and then they just ignore it. They were built with people who must have never worked in this industry or have any product or supply chain experience, and everything takes way too many clicks. We are on a total time and attention burn with this platform, and the systems they say work don't ever work in the real world. I would highly recommend doing hours of due diligence on this platform before actually hoping in, and make sure you have a full-time data person on the team to deal with all the extra man-hours it takes to finish tasks. You may be asking "why would you stay" the sad news is there are not many options out there, so we remain with the devil we know, I just try to save future founders/small ecomm businesses to not waste their time and find a different solution.

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Bearbeitet am 19. Oktober 2023

Do not consider Cin 7. We have been punished by them for the last 5 years. Cin 7 will randomly perform updates that will disrupt your other connections. Their technical support and customer service is non-existent and they take weeks to respond to urgent support emails.

Parlour X
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Bearbeitet am 12. April 2023

The CIN7 app has lacked the feature of importing Shopify order tags for over 4 years, which is quite frustrating for users who rely on these tags to categorize orders and run reports. They have no plans to implement this in the future and without this feature, it becomes impossible to track orders with specific tags or run reports based on these tags. Even worse, the app does not provide any option to view tags within CIN7, which adds to the inconvenience. Given the high cost of the app, it is surprising that such a basic feature is missing. It would be great if the developers could address this issue and introduce this feature in the app to make it more user-friendly and efficient. Overall, while the app has its benefits, this missing feature is a significant drawback for users who depend on Shopify order tags.

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24. Juli 2022

I've used cin 7 now for over 4 years, and I would not recommend it to anyone. The support is nonexistent, the only way you can get help it by saying you will only speak to a manager, If you leave a support ticket, no one will get back to you. The software itself doesn't work, it's broken. It has all the features you need and want but they are half-built with bugs and issues. We are trying to find another inventory but are struggling to find one that can cover all our needs. Every new software company we speak to says that people coming from cin 7 have all the same issues. Don't do it to yourself trust me. Danny Ing do you ever read these reviews? At what point are you going to fix your software and listen to your customers?

The Lighting Outlet
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2. Mai 2022

Long time cin7 user - these past 5 months have been an absolute nightmare. Technical problems such as not being able to update prices without the app deleting your own variants! Not being able to remap and add new variants, not being able to update stock. Absolutely got not no business being on this app store. They cannot perform the bare minimum for inventory control without having a huge down time of weeks to months.

Army & Outdoors
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7. März 2023

We've been on Cin7 for 6 years. Although it was a terrible onboarding process because the Cin7 onboarder didn't know enough to do his job, Cin7 eventually proved to be a good tool. That has now come to a screetching halt. Customer service is impossible. Tickets are the only vehicle to get an issue reported. But, they don't look at the tickets. They don't turn chat on. They don't have a phone number. The platform has more glitches every other week. We are planning to move on from Cin7. Whoever is in charge, they should be fired.

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6. Juni 2023

Horrible. Cin7 today (6/6/2023) enacted a policy where data from our wholesale (not personal) Shopify channels is deleted after 30 days without so much as a heads up. This means that for a software that is quite literally the core of our business, Sales Invoices are gone, CRM data has disappeared, and the support team is blaming Shopify, but Shopify has no knowledge of what Cin7 enacted or why. Not only is this infuriating that they can "play" with data with such a blatant disregard, but can top that with pointing the finger at someone else, is one of the most inept things I've ever seen.

Glo Wholesale
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3. November 2022

If you're looking at a high-powered software for inventory management, run. This software has cost me thousands of dollars and takes up more of my staff's time than actual work. It does not function properly - even BASIC functions. Customer support is relatively non existent on email. When you submit cases, they go unanswered. This was one of the worst decisions I made in my 9 years of ownership.

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12. Februar 2023

By far the worst customer service of any business i have used dealt with! They dont have a phone service and their chat is always down and when you finally get through it takes weeks for them to solve the issue. There is constant bugs or parts of the system are down that have thrown out our stock levels and caused other issues. So we end up selling items that we are out of stock in or underselling because it takes stock offline without anyone noticing. I have used them for both woo commerce and Shopify for the last few years and noticed no improvement.

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Bearbeitet am 8. März 2023

I was very happy with the app, however one of the smartest guy closed the phone support which has been a nightmare for my team when we have small or big problem to solve. Now we have to use the chat which is minimum takes 1 hour to get some answer. Worst management ever, I sent multiple emails to find what happened with my tickets pending never got an answer. DO NOT GET THIS APP I regret my decision to move from my last software. You can do a quick test please call 02 8074 2988 even if you want to reach the sales team you cannot do it!!!!!

EOzzie Electric Vehicles
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