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17. Februar 2024

I will admit im not the sharpest pencil in the box,but iv triedalot of apps,and have not understood most,but I lucked onto clever ads,and its like they took me by the hand and led me the way through this app,I give it 5 stars for those that are not as bright as others.
Vereinigte Staaten
4 tage mit der App
2. Februar 2024

so far so good, easy to install and set-up. Will review in the next few months how it is doing.
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
13 tage mit der App
3. März 2024

still test , so can't tell. will update later. but it seems very easy to use. much easier than do that in google

Miss Race Kentucky Derby Hat
Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
14. Februar 2024

I do recommend this app as very easy to use and great support and features.It does help my business a lot.
If you need support this app is the key

Vereinigtes Königreich
30 tage mit der App
22. Januar 2024

top customer service from ben to set up account. lets hope its gonna bring any results
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
19. März 2024

I sign up for a 14-day trial through the 50% discount, wanting to put it on a different credit card. There was no option to put it on a different card, so I am trying to cancel. I can't cancel as there is no option anywhere to do so, and they are stating I will be charged the full $135.00 in 14 days rather than the 50% discount $67.50 stated when I signed up. Will edit my review if this is rectified.

Hemptown Naturals
Vereinigte Staaten
13 tage mit der App
28. Dezember 2023

Great Experience. The Support was absolutely the best that i have ever seen. Honestly post this advertising seems like a breeze even for a novice like me.
Benjamin offered great advice and knowledge during the entire process and hand held everything throughout the account setup and the creation of the campaigns.
Thanks a ton!!! Keep up the good work!!

Etwa ein monat mit der App
16. Februar 2024

Good and fast setup.

Would recommend

Alt Til Sæsonen
Etwa ein monat mit der App
2. April 2024

Kinda confusing but good once you get things set up

Full Stack Urban Wear
Vereinigte Staaten
2 tage mit der App
21. Februar 2024

The app not work,
Sent message to support, no replay

8 monate mit der App