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21 de enero de 2019

Pretty good for now ! asdkjfhaskjdflakjsdflkjandkjsfnlkjasnfdlkjnasfasdfasdfasdfasdf

Beauty rouge
5 días usando la aplicación
11 de enero de 2020

It was easy to download but I'm hoping to see some results of what's working and not working. I'm still wading through it all.I feel like using google ads will help the most, but so far (3 days in) I'm seeing nothing.

Fit Stitch Gear
Estados Unidos
2 días usando la aplicación
Clever Ads respondió 21 de enero de 2020

We hope to hear back from you, and we hope you achieve the results you are seeking. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us at

19 de noviembre de 2017

So far so good I hope it does what it says it will do boost sales and business

Price Iz Right Inc
10 días usando la aplicación
17 de enero de 2018

So far so good. I was pleased with how easy the app was to use. Now to see how well it works?? :)

Emiratos Árabes Unidos
9 días usando la aplicación
24 de abril de 2020

The app is easy to use. It steps you through the process of setting up a campaign. That makes it very user friendly. I really like the user freindliness of this app.

Alabama Scale Models
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 22 horas usando la aplicación
Clever Ads respondió 27 de abril de 2020

Hey there!

Thank you very much for leaving us a review - it helps us improve our services! Please let us know if there is anything you would like help with.

20 de diciembre de 2018

great app so far. wainting to get the ad running so i dnt have to o this again. so here im ai waiting again

4 días usando la aplicación
5 de febrero de 2019

first impressions just finishing complete set up but looks like it could be useful tool for new starters

SmithWorks Golf
Reino Unido
3 días usando la aplicación
24 de marzo de 2018

Easy to get started! I just clicked a few buttons and they intuitively knew all about my store and integrated

Newest Llc
Estados Unidos
6 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 23 de febrero de 2017

[Edit] After I received an email from David (about this review and an email I sent), I revised my rating to 4 stars. The only reason for the 4 stars is the way he's been replying to me.

Not very impressed. Although the first ads were delivered within the promised time frame, They created campaigns (a lot of them) with hard-to-read names. They're machine generated, I assume.
The ad text is clearly written by non-native English speakers and not according to Google guidelines.
My ads were first disapproved by Google due to the use of exclamation points (!), which David fixed fairly quickly. However, the ads were still disapproved because the destination URL was misspelled.
I think overall, the premise of the app is great, but the developer needs to pay more attention to detail before letting ads loose.

Good idea, mediocre execution.

Funky Moose Records
9 días usando la aplicación
13 de junio de 2019

Easy to install, seems easy to use, created ads fast. Now the important part, we will see what results we get.

Zilla Meals
Estados Unidos
2 días usando la aplicación