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Clever: Google Ads & Shopping , 2.950 avaliações

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5 de dezembro de 2023

It didn't work for me. After testing and adjusting the ad settings no additional click or conversion occurred.

I was able to reach someone who helped me little, but the output was not good.

It might work for someone but I don't think it worths any investment.

ps: Customer service: 0/100
ps2: Despite giving me extra free trial, they charged me way before its deadline

28 dias usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 7 de dezembro de 2023

Hi Studiomoien!

We appreciate this feedback and the time you've taken to give it — thank you.

We're very disappointed to read about your experience, as we've been working hard to get you the results you're looking for. To that end, we've reached out by email to demonstrate a few things that are important for your account. Also, we've sent important action items for you, based on your specific requests to us.

We truly hope to hear from you soon and remedy this situation.

Warm regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

13 de outubro de 2023

bad app

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 16 de outubro de 2023


Thank you so much for your feedback as it's critical for us to grow and improve. We truly value your perspective.

I have looked into your account and discovered very important information about your Google Ads account — for which I've already emailed you privately with details.

As our app's operation relies heavily on your Google Ads account and so we're more than happy to assist you in resolving these issues.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to helping you get the most out of our app. We hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

12 de julho de 2023

Looks good and may have potential but you need to be able to access and work on Google Ads. My account with Google Ads is messed up and I cannot access it (it loops the login screen requesting 2FA even though it is setup, have already been working with Google). I have been getting a charge monthly from Google for $500 plus another charge for around $120 and could not figure out where it was coming from since I couldn't get into my Ads account. Turns out, it was CleverPPC (I finally got a transaction log with more detail) - even though the Clever AD panel: "Your campaigns haven't taken off yet" and I thought I hadn't activated anything because of this, it was charging me a ton... and I would not have approved that nor did I see any benefit from that as my store has been struggling the past 9m as many retail shops have. I have been fighting with Google to figure out where this was from and finally was able to stop it by uninstalling per Shopify, but what an expensive mess. Very misleading and frustrating for me and a huge cost that I did not approve. Waiting on feedback from CleverPPC, will update. Be very careful what you setup if you are thinking you are just checking it out and seeing how it works. You will be paying even if it says "Your campaigns haven't taken off yet" all across the top and lists steps you still need to complete.

Biddle and Bop
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 14 de julho de 2023

Hi Biddle and Bop!

We are terribly disheartened to read this review.

We thank you for the time it took to give us this detailed feedback, and we want to assure you that we've already reached out to you via email with important information and updates! Please check your email for our response.

We are standing by to assist you and get your issues sorted out as soon as possible.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

1 de agosto de 2023

Spiteful. When I unsubscribed, it marked campaigns it DID NOT CREATE as removed, meaning I cannot undo the action; the history is in the Change History as google@cleverads.com, having removed campaigns it didn't create and were created manually by ourselves. Very Spiteful and unprofessional.

Garden Depot Australia
1 dia usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 15 de agosto de 2023

Hello Garden Depot Australia!

We sincerely apologize for this you've experienced with our application.

Your experience as described is most unusual and certainly not the normal behavior of our application, nor our team. Rest assured we have extensively investigated your claims. Our app is not designed to impact campaigns that were not created by our system or team.

We understand the gravity of your concern, particularly in regards to campaigns that were manually created on your end. It's important to note that we take such matters very seriously.

To provide further assistance, I have reached out to you directly via email with important information about your campaigns with us. Please check your inbox and spam folder for the mail from premium@cleverads.com. In the email, we have detailed steps for a possible solution and offered to personally assist you in resolving this issue.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. We hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

2 de julho de 2023

The customer support is non existent, they are not bothered how the campaigns are performing.

Have emailed them several times but did not hear any response whatsoever. There are so many recommendations on my google ads account by Clever has not acted on any of them.

Please at least respond to emails.

MOM & YOU Clothing
8 dias usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 3 de julho de 2023

Hi MOM & YOU Clothing shop owner!

Firstly, I would like to extend our deepest apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We pride ourselves on our customer support and the high standards we set, and it appears we have not met those expectations in your case.

I want to assure you that your feedback is extremely important to us and we take it very seriously. We are here to support you and your campaigns, and it's disheartening to hear that you felt this was not the case.

It appears there may have been a misunderstanding, as our records show that we have reached out to you via email with important updates on your account several times. I wonder if perhaps these emails may have ended up in your spam or junk folder, as sometimes automated emails can mistakenly be filtered there. I would kindly suggest checking these folders, and if you still can't find our emails, please let us know.

We value your business and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Please feel free to directly contact me if you need any further assistance, clarification or any other information. We are here to assist you and make your experience with us better.

Warm Regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

20 de junho de 2023

Never actually got any help at all, campaigns never started, waited a week before uninstalling when asking for help and receiving ZERO response. Kept prompting me to upgrade when I had already upgraded! Sent me in circles over and over. Waste of time.

Estados Unidos
30 dias usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 21 de junho de 2023

Hi there,

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced while using our app. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we are committed to provide the best experience to our customers.

We wanted to let you know that we have already reached out to you via email, providing information regarding your concern.
Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team via email. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Carlos, Account Manager

26 de abril de 2023

no results at all. I have been paying and I still don't see results. no results at all. I have been paying and I still don't see results.

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 29 de abril de 2023

Hello BadKitty!

We appreciate you sharing this important feedback with us and we apologize for any disappointments you may have experienced.

We are committed to delivering you the best value possible and as such, we've sent an email to you with important updates and next steps regarding your account.

Please keep an eye out for our email from premium@cleverads.com

We sincerely hope to hear from you soon.

Warm regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

Data de edição: 18 de novembro de 2023

these guys don't know what they are doing at all. They suspended my Google ads account. One of the campaigns they had setup was having bit configuration issue. Now my google ads account is suspended. Looks at all their 1 star reviews.

They have got tons of 5 star reviews and it seems fake. All similar with same pattern



Nova Zelândia
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 14 de novembro de 2023

Hello Takis Shop Owner!

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced.

We understand your frustration about your Google Ads account. Please note that suspension of Google Ads accounts is typically automated by Google to ensure adherence to their policies, and is not something we directly control. However, we are here to assist our users in resolving such issues or at least, help shed some light on what may have been the cause.

We would like to investigate the configuration issue you mentioned and provide necessary support to rectify it. Could you please contact our support team directly at premium@cleverads.com? We've already reached out to you via this email address. Your reply will allow us to understand the issue in detail and provide you with a personalized solution.

We understand that there is always room for improvement and we are committed to enhancing our user experience based on the valuable feedback we receive from users like you.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to resolving your issue soon.

Warm Regards,
- Ben, Customer Success

9 de maio de 2020

Not one to post negative reviews because I try to work it out first. But after waiting for a week with no solution or even an attempt to try to understand my problem, I got a bit frustrated. For paying premium, I'd expect faster resolution time or at least updates. Ads had not been running for the whole month of April. Part of premium states that you will get account alerts if there is anything unusual. I'd say that after my ad spend dropped to zero, it should have been alerted to me. I have been so busy and it finally hit me that my ads weren't running. Long story short, I figured out the issue myself. The $49 dollars i'm paying are not justified. App in itself, isn't bad I cannot say the same about support for the price paid monthly.

Zocalo Foods
Estados Unidos
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 9 de maio de 2020

Hello, Zocalo Foods

We are so sorry to hear you had this negative experience with us. We care about our customers and value your feedback as it helps us improve our services. One of our representatives will be reaching out to you to see what we can do to fix this problem!

Thanks a lot,
Clever Team

21 de março de 2019

This app has terrible customer service. Its almost non responsive.

I would like to change my google account from 903-110-3719 to 486-082-4564.

I have sent several request, you already have access to the new account. I dont understand what's taking so long to change.

I would recommend shopify take this app down until they can fix this issues.

Original Frame
Quase 4 anos usando o app
Clever Ads deixou uma resposta 21 de maio de 2019

We apologize for the misunderstanding. We contacted you through the email in which you registered when downloading our app. You can check your inbox to see the email we sent you on March 19, 2019 where we told you we had sent you a request to link your new Adwords account.