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Auto Fix Shop

I'm not very happy with Clever Adwords. I cancelled my app and they continued to run one of the ads with a charge of $500.00
Be careful when using them and pay attention


very poor results.there's no anyone to speak with and I think that it's one of the worst application. Totally unuseful!

Natural Home Brands

Do yourself a solid and don't download this app. Gave it several chances, and now my ad words are all screwed up. Managed to spend all my ad dollars in 3 days with absolutely $0 ROI. Call a google ad word rep - they are much easier to communicate with and work with google ad words directly.

Heavy Blanket

Clever clicks got access to my awords account without my permission and made a ton of very spammy adds that cost me over $300.

It feels like a scam.

Do not believe the 5 star reviews


Be warned. Do not download this app. There is very little control, review or functionality over what they post. They literally spam the heck out of your google ads account and half there ads are disapproved for inappropriate wording, rules or just post product that are no longer on your store.

Further more to remove, pause or stop their app is not quick and easy

It will cost you large some of money with no return. I lost 1043k within 2 weeks even though I stopped their ads after I realized what poor application this was


Worst app, ever. 19 minutes after it flooded AdWords my account was suspended. And I can see why, keyword abuse it a violation of Google policies. And they are bad at it! Not only keywords I could've done myself, but keywords no one searches for. Almost every one was below bid or low search results.

Don't use. And they better not charge me a dime either, I should be charging them for having to fix this.

The Curated Closet Designer Bargains

Horrid, stay away!
I know very little about Google Adwords, so went with these "pros".

Today, I received my 5th "your Adwords account: ad disapproved" from Google. I keep telling myself they put out so many ads, they have mistakes occasionally.. But, after this 5th one, I signed into my Google ads account to see if I could make any sense of it/see if I could fix the issue on my own.

I looked at the ads they created for my designer clothing website...why hadn't I done this before??? They are horrible! Basically, they took my logo and added phrases like "super catalog, find out more" and "best prices for you". With verbiage like that, it's no wonder I'm not getting any results! I wouldn't click on it. I wouldn't even think it was U.S. based with that stunted wording!

And, I'm getting errors on top of the awful ads!

I actually paid for this.
Live and learn.
I learned - don't touch this one. Unless maybe you have a site that will attract customers with the ad "super catalog, find out more"

Ugh, I'm so mad at myself for not checking on this before I spent so much money on ads.

Pink Bullfrog

HORRIBLE. Literally I don't understand why anyone would use this app.
After I got to Google Adwords, I placed a cap of a monthly budget NOT TO EXCEED. That budget was completely ignored and they ended up charging me $200 out of NOWHERE. I explained to them I never set that cap in the first place. The person helping me didn't speak English and refused to help me at all. I was in tears by the end of the conversation. Will never EVER recommend Google Adwords. Didn't even make one sale in the entire process. Horrifying. An entrepreneurs nightmare. HATE IT. Will never use it again.

Developer reply

June 6, 2019

Hello we're sorry to hear about this. The maximum daily budget is set by yourself during the setup process and it's a Google-generated tool and is called a shared budget. Unfortunately, there must have been some confusion during the process. How it works is that you will remain within your daily budget limit in a 30-day period. This means that if you set a budget of $10 per day, one day you can spend $15 and the next day $5. Making it so that within a 30-day period you will not spend over $10 per day on average. Along with English, we give support in another 6 languages as well (Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Greek, Italian and Portuguese). If you have any other concerns, please send an email to our support mail and we will do everything in our power to help you with anything. Sorry again for any confusion and we hope to hear from you.

Pesci Moda

If i Could give this app half star i would. I usually never write negative feedback but for this one i had to. I have been using shopify over 2 years now and i have tried many apps, but this app has NO RETURN. Please don't waste your money on this app, i have spent over $300 per month + i even upgraded the app but it gave me 0 conversion. They Ads they make are daily rejected by google and i would keep getting notification to build ads as per Google requirements (Ads made by this app). Please be aware and SAVE your money.

Rodifer Animation Company

No way to edit a campaign once you've submitted it. I've been using adwords for awhile, and thought I would give this app. However, unlike Adwords, there is no way to edit an ad after you've submitted the ad. If you try, you reach a screen that says "your ad is processing", etc etc.

The real adwords interface allows you to see all of your campaigns and ads, even the ones that are in review. That way, you can make easy changes, start and stop ads, etc with a click of a mouse.

I think this app is good in theory, but I'm sticking with the real adwords.