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Back Down

Useless app.Was used 12 days without any result!Even if uninstall the app they still charged you 49$ every month to rest of your life!

The Art Gallery Nyc

app is a scam, i turned the campaign they made off at 12pm. I opened the app later in the day at 8pm and it was active and $6.00 was already spent. Mind you my min budget set $5.

I am glad I checked in again, i probably would of woke up to a bill of $100.


Google alsmost closed my account because of violation of their rules, good job guys!


i set my ads to run in the USA, the ad ran world wide. I set the ad to target women (we sell cosmetics)... my ads ran in Russia and Turkey, and when the users got to my site they searched for porn and sex toys.

No thanks.


UPDATE: Carlos and Jose have both contacted me telling me that I actually made the mistakes that resulted in such poorly designed, poorly written ads. Then they asked me to re-download the app with premium freebies in exchange for changing my review.

I spent time with the set-up, entered custom text and made selections in each field. The app just simply did not save my data and as a result made really bad google ads.

I suggested that they both focus on fixing the errors in their interface rather than trying to convince intelligent customers that they're wrong.

ALERT: When you delete the app from your store, they still have Manager access to your AdWords account. Be sure to remove their access separately.

The banner ads do not look good, they look terrible in fact. The banner ads feature a font that is really stylized and hard to read. There are typos in nearly every ad; banner, display, search, text, etc - "Quality" is misspelled as "Qaulity". The ad text is generic, pulled from Google categories - so some of the search ads have the phrase "Arts & Entertainment" for my products which are coffee mugs and coasters. I'm not really even sure how that mistake happened. As a personal preference I didn't like that some ads ended with the phrase "satisfaction guaranteed" which does not apply directly to retail gifts and souvenirs. I only let the ads run for one day (it asks for 4 weeks to learn, which is fair) but I had 11,100 impressions and only 49 clicks. That's a .44% click through rate, which is absolutely terrible. It just verifies what other reviewers are saying - these ads do not get "qaulity" clicks or customers to your site because the ads themselves are not "qaulity". I did much better creating Google Ads on my own. I understand that the service was free, but the terrible ad spend was not.


not good, at first i thought it is very easy, but no, we spent $2000 ads to make $2000 sales, which is lost money, we asked their team to help us to optimize, they said they will, later they did nothing, we asked again, they never response, so we decided to stop this app, we have keep emailing many times, they finally response, : You just have to delete or at least pause the remaining campaigns from your Adwords account. This way you will not be charged in the future.


My ad campaign has been under review for about 2 months.

Shop Glitterati

When I added this app, I noticed a huge jump in traffic. BUT I started also noticing that the traffic wasn't converting at all- and we had previously had a good conversion rate. So I started watching the live traffic and I noticed that HUNDREDS of clicks went to one page and never moved. They'd sit there for a minute, then go away.
At a cpc of $.47 and up, that adds up. No way. No thank you.

Fun Buy Shop

After almost 2 week, my campaign is still under construction. They need to automate more.


Didn't even install correctly. As soon as installation finished it produced an error message and won't load.

Absolutely useless.