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this app does not work, support never answer
it's a lost of time and money
i pay the premium version and nobody is here to set up the campaign, just create 3 campaign with no keywords, nothing constructed
real scam


Total rubbish. Does not work on Shopify. Waste of time. Waste of money. I asked for 1 ad and they sent 4 ads which they immedaitely automated into advertising mode (which I did not ask for or want the extra expence)

It wasn't made clear that the app or developer/company of app would automatically build and place ads without our permission and/or approvals. Not to mention the ads were totally off-brand (see the poor choice of typography). Add to that the ads that were placed appear to have been completely ineffective. Strongly advise not using this app.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

We are sorry you feel that way about our app. Please note that when you download the app, there is a checkbox which authorizes us to create and upload the campaigns we create to your Adwords account. Also, we sent you a confirmation email when we uploaded the campaigns and we have acknowledged of you reading it. Regarding the off-brand ad design, we have a banner customizer tool available under our Premium Plan.


It looks promising... need to go through the ads that they created one by one to check if everything is okay. Just be careful with when they will start your ads. I just got surprised and in like 15 minutes 15 ads went on, got charged like 20 dollars without any email from the team. Thanks to the notification on my phone that shows me 15 ads! They just activated all of them. And I had to pause them because 15 x 10 dollars a day is 150 USD times 30 days in a month is a lot of money!

Update: Also, to get an email with a message that I need to be 'more connected to the reality' from a Senior Account Manager David Menutti because instead of 20 USD I wrote 60 USD in my first review is a bit of a slap in the face for your client.

Thanks for your work guys I appreciate your time, but I think I'm gonna work with a person like this who attitude is not right.

14/09/2019 It's not about the money now but your worker language... that's all guys. Shame that those words came from someone who has a senior position.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

We are sorry for the misunderstanding. We sent you a confirmation email when we uploaded the campaigns. As we told you on a previous email, that expends did not come from the campaigns we created. Please note that the maximum daily spend will not exceed the budget you set on the App on a 30-day average.


Big disappointment. The campaign was set up without any keyword research, most of the traffic from India, although specifically was told what countries need to be set. Waisted money and time. Hope they will improve in the future.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Regarding the keyword reserach, we use the name of the products on your store to create the keywords for your campaigns. During the setup process, you were asked to choose the countries you wanted to target.
Please note that we do not manage campaigns that are not created by us. The Indian traffic may have come from a different source (Facebook, Instagram...) but not from our campaigns.

Dushi Australia

Don't use this app! They use click bots and your daily budget will go in 30 min by automated bots (not real customers visiting your site)

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

We are a Google Premier Partner and we never use Bots to increase your traffic, all your clicks come from real people searching products like the ones you have. You can track the traffic on your Google Ads account.


We have tried to use this app 2 times in 2 years. Ads were horid, wrong logo, wrong search terms, never again.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Sorry about your bad experience. We can always try again fixing what you were not happy with...

HandCraft House

- The ads are not targeted very well. I can't specify areas of the country to target as opposed to others.

- The ads point to specific products as opposed to collections a lot of the time.

- The campaigns are lopsided heavily on what is generating clicks. A specific campaign ad is taking up all of the daily budget when others are not even being utilized.

- It feels wasteful of our advertising budget.

- They ask a few generic setup questions about your store and then display those answers as part of the ads, which is fine, however, they typoed the ad due to an HTML coding error and they did not fix it, even after I emailed them multiple times about it. Which brings me to my last point...

- Support does not respond back to help in any way whatsoever. I emailed 3 times for help and received no response.

It's a shame because the app has a ton of potential, but the implementation of it is lacking and their customer service and support is absolutely horrendous.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

For local or regional target, you can contact us and we will adjust it for you. Regarding the products, there are some of them which are more searched than others so they get more traffic, hence more budget. As for the support, we are sorry about that, you can always reach us by email or chat.


0 conversion. support never reply to my questions. 0 conversion. support never reply to my questions

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Sorry about your bad experience. We have email and char as support channels. Please try to reach us again and we will respond you.

Fatwood Beard Company

Read the one star reviews before you download this app. Most of the positive reviews are from people who just installed the app, and most likely the free version. The issues I had are covered by other one star reviews. I upgraded to premium so I could have an account manager, but they only responded to my emails at 3-4AM. Yesterday I received an email that said to click here if I was interested in a phone call with my account manager, I replied yes and received this as a response "Thanks a lot for contacting me, I'm so sorry but phone calls are only for our "Custom" premium clients, so in your case, you have a Premium but not custom." So I guess for $49 you don't get phone calls, and you still don't get one even if they inadvertently tell you they do. Overall a complete waste of $49.

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

On our Premium plan we include phone calls and hangout calls but not every day phone support
because we have a Custom Premium plan with more services and support.

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