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30. Mai 2020

The app has all the necessary functions it should have for store pickup & delivery service. However, the app has quite a bit of glitch depending on a customer's browser & the customer service team is very slow to fix the issue.

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Bearbeitet am 17. April 2020

App looks great on the site but doesn't actually work. When customers select in-store pickup or local delivery, they are only given shipping as an option. Have been trying for over a week to get help from support but I have received no response from the developer nor have they responded to the Shopify Expert who is trying to help me get this installed and working.
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9 tage mit der App
Zapiet hat geantwortet 23. April 2020

Hi Franscakeandcandy,

I'm Andy the Founder of Zapiet. I'm super sorry for the delayed replies you've had from my support team. We have just been inundated with merchants needing our help recently and are trying our best to reply as fast as possible to everyone.

I am sure I can resolve your issue promptly and you'll be loving the app again very soon!

I will send you a personal email within the next couple of minutes :)

Andy Cargill
Founder of Zapiet

24. August 2018

When I click on Store pickup on Checkout, the price for Delivery is still charge. Hope to solve this issue ASAP

Turcomp Gasket
7 tage mit der App
19. Oktober 2020

I wanted to use this app for my delivery options but unfortunately it doesn’t have a blackout time option just a blackout date. I ended deleted the app but the developers coding wasn’t removed which cause some technical issues on my checkout page. I’m only giving this a 2 stars because of poor customer services on responding back and removing their coding. I had two days of website inactivity due to this.

the grazer co.
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Zapiet hat geantwortet 20. Oktober 2020

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your feedback!

You are totally correct in that our app does not currently provide the ability to blackout specific pickup times. This is something we are super excited to work with you on and has been a highly requested feature amongst our merchants.

Regarding your uninstallation, unfortunately there is no way for us to automatically remove our code from your theme. We lose access to your store the moment you uninstall the app. To minimise any problems we send an automated email with full instructions and a video tutorial on how remove our code (it's one line of code from your theme.liquid file). Our team is also standby around the clock to help should you have any problems, we would just need you to approve our collaborators access temporarily.

We look forward to inviting you to the beta of our pickup blackout time feature in the near future :)

Kindest regards,


26. November 2018

I had high hopes for this app, but it was really hacky around the main theme I was using. It would appear as a selection in the cart, but then open the cart again and you get "no local pickup available". If you move to checkout, the pickup address is put in the shipping address slots and is changeable by the customer. I felt this was going to be more problems than it's worth.

Because my pickup windows are very limited and my products are simple, I decided to go with adding my pickups as product variations and not allow that verison of the item to be a physical item. It's a hack, but it's way more stable than Store Pickup + Delivery.

Keto Cakes Utah
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6. Juni 2019

Pros : Its a good app if you dont have any subscriptions and if you are on a higher shopify plan because of the shipping api. The design is slick too.

Cons: Does not work with subscriptions (Major Conflict) , if you are on a basic plan you will need to upgrade it by $20 per month. The Price is just not justifiable. Finally, they will punish you if you uninstall this app, i did see a review on their that someone had issues removing the app, and yes it does warn you in the beginning that you better bookmark the un-installation guide. So there is no hidden tricks or gimmicks here, its simply lack of develoment, many many apps that are much complicated than this one can install and un install without the need of the waste of time to remove this.

So basically please back up your theme first or you will be upset.

Wild & Free Organics ltd.
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Zapiet hat geantwortet 6. Juni 2019

UPDATE: 9th August 2023


We wanted to let you know some great news - in response to your feedback, we have developed an alternative solution for rates, which doesn't require adding the Shopify Carrier Service API to your plan!

It also doesn't require adding an unnecessary product to the cart, or use the Draft Orders API, which means we can maximise compatibility with other apps with this new rates feature.

We'd love you to give you another free trial of Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to let us know your thoughts on our new rates feature. If you'd like us to enable this for you, please reach out on or via the live chat on so one of our agents can walk you through the setup!

Best wishes,

Assistant Support Manager - Zapiet


Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We take all feedback incredibly seriously and so I have provided responses to each of your points.

1. The $20/month additional charge
This additional charge is for a Shopify feature called the Carrier Service API. The Carrier Service API is the only way that app developers can generate rates within your checkout. Zapiet take no commission and have no financial benefit from this charge. This is a business decision set by the powers that be at Shopify. You can use our app without this feature, but we won't be able to prevent your free pickup rate from appearing when a customer selects delivery.

2. Subscriptions
We currently have an active integration with Bold's Subscription app. It is used by 100s of merchants each day. We are actively working with the other major subscription players to provide additional support for their apps as well.

You mentioned you had a "Major Conflict", can you please email us and let us know what that conflict was? We can then work to address it for you.

3. Uninstalling
After the previous review you mentioned we have updated our app to simplfy both the install and uninstall process. You can now specifically select which theme you want to install our app on (or choose none). When you uninstall now, our widget will be immediately removed from your store.

There is then some additional steps required if you wish to fully remove all our code from your theme. But from the moment you click uninstall none of our code will run, and your theme will function as it did originally.

The reason we have to inject our code into your theme like this is so that your customers can't checkout before first selecting their pickup or delivery date and time. It is not techncially possible on Shopify to do this any other way.

We also have near 24/7 support now. So if you do ever have any questions or get stuck just hop on live chat with us.

4. Design
We're super glad you like the design of the app! We've spent a lot of time trying to perfect the user interface to make it as easy as possible to use, and to fit in with the rest of the Shopify ecosystem.

Thanks again for your feedback! We hope the above shows that we are actively listening to both yours and other merchants feedback and that we are rapidly implementing improvements when and where required.

Kind regards,