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14 de maio de 2024

I’m very sad to have to write this review. We launched on the new UI Extension version of Zapiet with ShopifyPOS and our online store. It’s a beta so it had some bugs but the support team was great in working through them. We do 95% of our revenue in store and when we started our biggest retail weekend of the year, they pushed an update that rendered the POS app useless. We spent countless hours setting up delivery dates by zone, among other settings. But now the POS app tile lets our sales team & cashiers select ANY date for ANY zone. They probably think this was a good idea because it makes it more flexible. However, our sales team just wants to know the available date and not select a date that isn’t feasible to deliver. It’s sad because they built some great functionality in the backend but now it’s completely disconnected from the front end in POS. I hope they’ll reconsider, but we’re starting the process of migrating to another app or building our own.

Estados Unidos
Quase 2 anos usando o app
8 de outubro de 2022

In theory this app is very useful and has had intermittent periods of good function with my business - the problem right now is that it's producing terribly inaccurate information and data - scrambling pick up and delivery dates, messing up delivery addresses - it's an absolute mess for us. Be warned that you will be taking out support tickets A LOT with Zapiet. They do respond quickly, but this latest bout of issues has severely impaired my business and left me with a LOT of angry customers. They keep telling me it's Shopify's fault and that they are working together with Shopify to resolve the issues, but seriously guys - this has now impacted me and my team for months. I'm really frustrated.

Bunner's Bakeshop
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 9 de outubro de 2022

UPDATE: 26th Oct 2022

Hi Kevin,

Andy here the Founder and CEO of Zapiet. I come baring good news!

Shopify deployed an update on the 14th October which resolves the issues you have been facing regarding the attribute issues. The fix has now been live for a couple of weeks and proving to work wonders!

I'm truly sorry it took so long to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately in this case the timing of the solution was totally out of our control.

You can now continue to use the app flawlessly :)

Kind regards,

Andy Cargill
Founder & CEO

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your honest feedback. We 100% understand your frustration with the issue relating to the attributes, it has been frustrating for us too and we have been working relentlessly with Shopify to resolve this issue. Within the last 24 hours we have managed to add a new tool to Store Pickup + Delivery that should ensure all of your future orders that are affected by the issue are corrected within a few moments. We have reached out to your personally with detailed instructions on how to enable this new tool. All feedback we receive relating to the attributes issue is being consistently passed to the teams at Shopify to ensure that we are able to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Hopefully the new tool that we have added should enable you to successfully manage your workflow again and a full resolution be available as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,


3 de novembro de 2022

Sandy was very helpful working through my issue. Her help on chat support enabled me to get my products out

Zelnik: Nontraditional Macedonian
Estados Unidos
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 3 de novembro de 2022

Hey Ryan,

Thank you for taking your time to leave a review about Store Pickup + Delivery. It looks like Sandy who was assisting you was able to resolve all of your concerns in just under an hour. I have reached out to your personally via email to understand if you have any further concerns that you would like to raise with me personally.

Kind Regards,

Head of Merchant Success

31 de dezembro de 2019

This app is a great concept and our store depends on it to integrate pickup and delivery, but good luck if you ever have an issue and need support!

We spent the entire holiday season trying to get help with Zapiet order issues and two weeks later with the holiday season behind us still no "support"

St. Kilian's Cheese Shop
Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 2 de janeiro de 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback!

It appears that you had a little trouble getting our Deliv integration activated on your store. There are several steps involved in getting the integration up and running, and multiple teams involved in the process. So it can take a little while to configure, especially during the holiday season. We are actively working with the Deliv team to streamline the setup process as much as possible.

I'm looking forward to speaking with you tomorrow and completing your setup :)

Kindest regards,


22 de junho de 2019

After 2 yrs of trying to figure out why they don't offer actual US support during US hours, I am now losing business due to their lack of response. Since it takes 24 hrs for response, and only on UK time, I'm removing it. I need an app that actually has US or scheduled support, and phone # which they do not, and help for my business. Not worth the $

Roots Return Heritage Farm
Estados Unidos
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 22 de junho de 2019

Hi Lori,

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, and for your continued support over the years.

We are a UK based company but do offer extended hours of support into US timezones now with our team growing significantly this past year. We now have coverage from 8am-8pm EST Monday-Friday and 9am - 6pm through weekends, and are rapidly working our way towards been able to offer 24 hour global support. Our average response time is currently less than five hours.

Saying that this week has been a challenge as the majority of our team have been attending the annual Shopify’s Developers conference to learn about the latest updates on how we can make Store Pickup + Delivery better and more feature rich in the future.

We also now have an inbound support number (+1 (718) 568-5560) that is available for you to call anytime should you require urgent assistance.

We’re truly sorry for any problems this weeks delays have caused you. Let’s work together to get things back on track.

Kindest regards,

Founder & CEO

Data de edição: 12 de julho de 2019

It takes several minutes for a support representative to see your message to respond to your issue.

Happee Dawg
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2019

Hi Happy Dawg,

Thanks so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

We are actively working to be able to offer realtime support 24 hours a day. Our average response time is currently less than 3 hours with a total resolution time less of than 5, seven days a week.

We also have an emergency telephone number you can call anytime of day should you have a pressing issue :)

Kindest regards,


14 de setembro de 2019

App is great when it works. We have had major issues this weekend with non-existent support to boot. Confirmation emails from the app are no longer sending and the OnFleet integration doesn't seem to actually work. This was our original choice for delivery but I guess we will be looking somewhere else.

Crave Cookie Company
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando o app
Zapiet deixou uma resposta 18 de setembro de 2019

Hi Trent,

Thanks so much for your feedback and apologies for the issues you faced this past weekend.

We experienced a small issue with our Onfleet integration on Saturday evening which caused order processing to be delayed. Thankfully our team was quick to resolve the issue and our system caught back up to speed rapidly.

I see that you still have the app installed and that your orders are flowing through perfectly now, which is fantastic!

Should you ever have an urgent issue like this again, please feel free to call our emergency number on +1 (718) 568-5560.

Thanks for your continued support :)

Andy Cargill
Founder of Zapiet

Data de edição: 6 de junho de 2020

Good app but always breaks one every 2-3 weeks, customer support is unbelievable slow, did not check issue thoroughly and only one reply a week and sometime more than a week, always blame on covid-19 as an excuse. I have to look for alternative.

BigBrand Satay | 大牌沙爹
6 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 6 de julho de 2020

This app has functions that are more advanced than other delivery/pickup apps but the unreliability and unstableness of this app means I have to give it a bad score.

Negative Reasons:
- Variable and slow loading times across the back end including settings and delivery tabs.
- Customer Support is slow to reply.
- Their servers went down on the 7th of July, 2020 and the entire business model for our company got screwed with logistics and delivery. (Made checkout impossible, meaning my ads across social & search had to be shut down, lest we drive traffic with 0 conversions)
- The app has variable loading times and is sometimes slow and sometimes average (no consistency)
- My company drives 20-50k a day and with these errors, our sales have been vastly affected and the opportunity losses have been massive with all these errors and server downtimes.

Suggestions to Zapiet Team:
- Get a proper server host that won't go down and affect all your clients.
- Get some more customer service people to account for international clients or don't market this app internationally if you can't support the clients you charge.
- Fix your app errors and glitches before putting it on the market in such a faulty form.

Vic's Meat
4 meses usando o app
8 de abril de 2019

Terrible customer service and support. I use this app for my flower shop for local pickup and delivery. Everything worked great for awhile, but lately we've been starting to have some issues. We have had two orders where there was no delivery date. We reported this problem last week and haven't heard back. I sent a follow-up today, and couldn't talk to an actual person, just a bot that basically told me to wait another day.

The Flower Petal
Estados Unidos
4 meses usando o app