Store Pickup + Delivery

Store Pickup + Delivery

by Zapiet

Supercharged Curbside Pickups, Local Delivery and Inventory

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Retrofix Games

Clunky app and even worse support. I have dealt with numerous app developers and Zapiet wins the prize at being the least competent/communicative. I don't suggest anyone use Store Pickup + Delivery and stay away from Zapiet apps entirely if it's avoidable. There are some really great app companies that will work hard for you, Zapiet isn't one of them.

They completely misled me about the capabilities of this app. Let me save you some time: If you are expecting an app that is quick and easy to setup, look elsewhere. If you are expecting any kind of timely support from their staff, look elsewhere. If you have an expectation that the app will be able to manage shipping rates as advertised, look elsewhere.

Zapiet support staff weren't able to get me set up with the basic features (I needed no custom work at all) after two weeks, and would make excuses about how small their staff was, and they were trying to get people trained, etc. Meanwhile I was paying them for a non-integrated app.

It became apparent that they are misleading customers at what the app is capable of doing and the app itself is hamstrung by a huge design issue they don't bother to mention until you are well down the rabbit hole, namely their app currently supports rates for exactly one carrier at a time. One. Meaning if you currently use or were planning to use USPS, UPS, and FEDEX - which is reasonable - get to pick one. That's it. One, no more.

Of course they don't volunteer this information and are not up front about it at all. I was well into the integration process when I was informed via a phone call about this limitation that should be clearly advertised on their app page, being that it would be a dealbreaker for many people.

The core problem is this: Zapiet designed an app that has to manage your shipping rates to function fully, but the app is terrible at integrating and managing shippping rates....makes zero sense. Put it back in the oven, this one isn't fully baked yet.

I told support early on I use via Shipstation and was told would be easy peasy to get things going. This turned out to be completely false, and they didn't even have integration. I was told to wait (again) as Andy, their sole programmer, wrote up some code for integration to work. Ok, but you already told me you had integration in place. Misleading.

Turns out that didn't work either. Integration never happened. was apparently a non-starter for them. As far as I know they still can't integrate with even though they said they would get it going.

Even further on, they changed what they were saying entirely (after wasting a week of my time) and wanted me do go set up an account to use the USPS.COM API directly, forgoing my current rates via

None of this was mentioned ahead of time. They say one thing and then pull a bait and switch. They tell you they can do things they can't.
Completely unethical.

15 days later and the app still is not completely set up and fully functional. If you use and/or shipstation, there are better solutions for you.

I spent weeks getting handed off from support person to support person, and the app has never worked as it is advertised. I can't call it an out and out scam, because if you just want your customers to select In-store pick up, it does that one thing. But having it interface with your rates is a nightmare, and their advertising and support staff is highly misleading about it.

At the end it felt like I was paying them to beta test, and I probably was. Despite what they were telling me, it was anything but easy for them to get their app to do the basic advertised functions.

Save yourself a bunch of time and look elsewhere.

Even if the app did what it said it does (which it doesn't), you have to deal with an apparently over-worked support staff that won't get to you for days on end. When they do, they give you a tidbit to fix/adjust, that you'll have done in 5 minutes, then be waiting another 24+ hours for the next step.

With how many options there are for apps and app companies in the marketplace, this is an easy headache to avoid, and I suggest doing just that.

Pine Street Clinic

We tried this app and it wasn't for us (it's just way too expensive for what it is). After deleting it, it has left its code ALL over our Shopify account...the integration is not actually deleted. (References to this app appear on orders, on check-out pages, and in all sorts of other areas of our account.) We're having to now work with Shopify directly. Definitely not thrilled by how sloppy this integration is (and how impossible it is to remove it).

Developer reply

May 16, 2019

Hi Pine Street Clinic,

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Seconds after uninstalling the app you should have received an email from us which contained step by step instructions on how to remove our widget from your shopping cart page, as well as information on how to get in touch with our customer support team via live chat, email or phone.

Removing our widget required the deletion of a single line of code from your theme. We purposely designed the app this way to ensure the removal process was as seamless as possible.

We wish you the best of luck with your venture and with finding an alternative app that better fits your budget.

Kindest regards,


Go Get It Fit

Very bad customer services still waiting for a respond and nothing. I dont know why they don't answer in the chat

Red H Nutrition

The app appeared to be working, but then after numerous follow ups with support, I stopped getting answers or help to my questions. I felt as if the staff just gave up on me since my store's theme and code were more difficult than most.

I've since reached out to have them help me remove some pieces of code from my site, after I removed the app, but still have yet to hear back.

I did not want to resort to a negative review to get assistance, but I'm willing to reconsider my final star rating, should I receive the support I've been needing and requesting.

Thank you,
Katie Danger
Red H Nutrition Co.

Urban Pearl

This app stopped working and we can't get it to come back even though we've tried for over 6 months. We're still being billed for it of course though. I'll be cancelling it.

Bizzy Fit Meals

Frustrated their response is slow, multiple issues no urgency to fix them. caused me a lot of money . worst app ever so many issue has caused me so much time and money

Different Drop

I really really wanted this app to work as described. Looks great on paper. We used this app for about 5 months. Unfortunately, Its buggy and an unreliable and I do not recommend it.

Moreover, it has a large limitation which Zapiet do not mention up front. Because of the way it works, it does not easily allow the user to switch shipping methods after they proceeded to checkout. Shopify caches the method and the user is stuck with that shipping method until the cache resets.

We were extremely patient with the Zapiet team to fix and address these issues but they just gave us an endless runaround. Very disappointed.

Developer reply

November 26, 2019

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for your review.

It's been over a year since we last spoke and I wanted to let you know that our Rates features are now more powerful and stable than ever. As well as the huge improvements we've made at Zapiet, Shopify has also done a huge amount of work their end to reduce the rate caching period.

I'd love you to give us another go so you can see the improvements we've made. I have reset your 14-day free trial in preparation :)



Tiddlywinks Toys Games

I installed this app and had nothing but issues with it. The checkout didn't work on half my products and then when I tried to contact support, I got no response. Buyer beware, they will respond to you while you are in trial mode and then ghost you when you start paying for the app.

Developer reply

November 26, 2019

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your feedback! Since your review we have more than quadrupled our support team and now offer close to 24/7 support. Our average response time is now less than 3 hours and total resolution time less then 24 hours.

Our app has also been completely rebuilt since you last tried it and is more stable then ever. I have reset your free trial if you would like to give us another try :)

Kindest regards,


Brighthome Electrical

The worst support ever, the product did not work, first they say it‘s due to other plug-ins, and later they say because my theme is not good (it's a five stars theme from theme forest,hundreds of people purchased ), few month now still not working.

Developer reply

November 26, 2019

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We have worked super hard over the past couple of years to make our app ever more compatible with the likes of Bold Subscriptions, Cashier and Tipslite to name a few.

Our app is compatible with all themes from the Shopify Theme Store. This is because they are all built to follow the strict guidelines set by Shopify, and so allow for a much easier setup.

ThemeForest can be like the wild west, and so it's always worth checking with our support team first to ensure our app is compatible. Based on our customer support logs only two themes from ThemeForest have been deemed as incompatible out of the 100s available.

It's unfortunate that yours was one of those, although i'd love to give it another try and see if we can find a way to make it work for you.

I have reset your free trial if you'd like to re-install :)




The support team never answers, the locale files are not complete and the translations are not accurate, the store info isn't complete, and the rates API just doubles the settings, the help center is from an outdated version of the app