Store Pickup + Delivery

Store Pickup + Delivery


Supercharged store pickup date and local delivery date picker

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Local curbside pick up

Easily schedule your in store pickup and curbside pickup orders using our industry leading date scheduling features

Delivery date and time

Restrict local delivery area to specific postal codes, limit number of delivery orders per date and advanced preparation time rules

Shipping calendar

Flexible shipping calendar with blackout dates, advanced notice, future order restrictions.

关于 Store Pickup + Delivery

Shopify's recommended in store pick up and local delivery solution

The most complete in store pickup and local delivery solution for Shopify. Fully featured, customizable and ideal whether you have one local pickup location or thousands; Zapiet is Shopify’s most popular local store pickup (BOPIS) and delivery solution, empowering thousands of merchants around the world.

Let your customers select a pickup date or delivery date

With full integration to your Shopify store and checkout and clear, intuitive interface you can boost your conversion rate and offer your customers fantastic flexibility of picking up their orders in-store.

Supercharge your pickup and delivery date schedule

  • Schedule in store pick up, local delivery and date-based shipping orders from the Shopify POS
  • Control each store’s pickup dates and times and availability
  • Date and time picker gives your customers convenience
  • Conditional pickup, delivery or shipping based on order total or weight
  • Postal code search for customers to find the nearest pickup point
  • Automatically tag pick up orders with their pickup date, time and location
  • Limit the number of pickup orders per day
  • Customisable preparation breakpoints, like ‘order by 2 pm for next day delivery’
  • Import and export your stores in bulk via CSV
  • Set individual products as store pickup only, local delivery only, or shipping only
  • Set minimum times between order and pickup availability to avoid over-commitment
  • Set preparation times at both global and per product level
  • Granular control of time slots, from hourly down to 10-minute intervals
  • Set your entire store to pick up only mode, ideal if you don’t want to offer delivery
  • Support for translation into any language
  • Zapier integration support to add integration with hundreds of apps

Additional features with local delivery

  • Allow customers to check if local delivery eligibility on your homepage
  • Restrict delivery area using postcode, zipcode, driving distance or maximum delivery radius
  • Automatically tag orders with their delivery date, time and location
  • Support for multiple delivery locations each with their own delivery date calendar
  • Customisable delivery time ranges such as 2pm-5pm, 5pm - 9pm
  • Limit the number of delivery orders per date or time
  • Product based preparation time rules and blackout dates
  • Easily integrate with your favourite last mile delivery provider
  • Display delivery rates when local delivery is selected and free store pickup when pick up is selected

Multi-location pickup and delivery inventory

Limit pickup and delivery locations to those that have inventory available at time of ordering.

Live chat, telephone and email support

Enjoy industry leading support via chat, phone or email.


  • Zapier,
  • Shopify POS,
  • Multi-location inventory,
  • Intuitive Shipping,
  • Roadie,
  • OrderlyEmails






定价 14 天免费试用




或按 $23.20/月的价格每年一次性收取 $278.40

  • 1 - 3 locations
  • Store Pickup
  • Local Delivery
  • Shipping Calendar
  • Shopify POS integration
  • Product availability



或按 $39.20/月的价格每年一次性收取 $470.40

  • 1 - 20 locations
  • All Essential features
  • Daily order limits
  • Product preparation time
  • Product date restrictions



或按 $63.20/月的价格每年一次性收取 $758.40

  • 1 - 200 locations
  • All Essential and Advanced features
  • Priority support
  • Realtime inventory
  • Early access to new features



或按 $239.20/月的价格每年一次性收取 $2,870.40

  • 1 - 1,000 locations
  • High order volumes
  • Premium onboarding and support
  • Dedicated order processing
  • Regional data residency

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.5 评分

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Steve and Dans Online Market

We have been with this app since the beginning of COVID. It definitely had its challenges with the influx of users, but a year later, it now has a chat and is much easier to access help. They even customized some things for us, which is great (like a colour button)

Spilt Milk Pastry

We own a bakery / coffee shop, and use this app to facilitate our same-day and pre-order process. The functionality is great and the support is even better. There are a few missing features for our use case, but when I reach out to support they are able to tell me whether or not these things are on the backlog, which I appreciate very much. We are coming from Toast POS, so Shopify is a big change for us. But, this app is working great and handles our high volume shop really well. Love it!! The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is that we do have to do a few weird and time-consuming work-arounds because of our use case. I would love if we could have the Product Date Restrictions feature support adding entire categories at once, instead of just 1 product at a time. That would save me so much manual work and be a real game-changer for our workflows! Other than that, this app is truly awesome!!



Hi there,

Thank you for your awesome and honest feedback!

We do really appreciate knowing which features our merchants need most, and it's really important to us to be transparent and keep you in the loop with feature requests. We love that you love our app so far : )

Best wishes,


Sunshine Daydream

Stephanie did an excellent job helping to sort out some issues we were having with multiple locations. Great customer support and service.