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WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger and more as your support channel

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A simple way to contact you

Provide the easiest way for your customers to reach you with their favorite chat apps

Chat apps as support channels

Use WhatsApp, Facebook Messanger, Viber, Telegram, and Line as your support channel

Easily blended with shop theme

Personalize the widget to match your shop theme and make it looks naturally integrated

Over Click2Chat

With billions of people using mobile apps for their daily conversations, your customers likely have a favorite chat app installed on their phone.

Click2Chat acts as a bridge between your store's instant messaging accounts and those of your customers'. With this app, you can provide supports with the tools your customers already comfortable with, allowing them to contact you with their favorite chat apps.

Install this app and get all the following features:

Display multiple accounts

Are you working in a team? Show each member's account with their names and titles in a good-looking widget on your store and let your customers know who is who.

Set availability by time and days for each account

What happens when your customers send a message while you're asleep or spending time with your family? They'll think you're unresponsive. With this app, you can set when to go online or offline for each account. If no one is around to answer, then the widget will be hidden, which will minimize the chance of letting down your customers.

Editable text and color

Customize the text and colors to match your brand. Make it personal. Turn your words into a call-to-action.

Auto display based on time delay and scroll length

If your customers use widescreens, a tiny widget sitting at the corner of your store will have a hard time getting itself noticed. Draw your users' attentions onto the widget by opening it automatically for a tease. You can set the auto-display by time delay or scroll length.

Compatible with GDPR

A consent confirmation checkbox is provided optionally to comply with the GDPR. It's a required feature for companies based in the EU or those who collect data from individuals based in the EU.

Randomize accounts list order

If you're worried that the account on the topmost will get more clicks than the others, then you can shuffle the list order of the displayed accounts.

Pin Accounts

Pin accounts to stay on top of the list while the others are randomized.

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