Clickfunnels Integration App

Clickfunnels Integration App


Send Clickfunnels orders to your shop with

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ClickFunnel Integration

Clickfunnel integration: Get your Clickfunnel orders into your Shopify store today!

Merge Orders and More

An integration that just works. With the powerful settings like "order merging" and "email notifications" that you can't get anywhere else.

Easy To Use

Similar functionality to AppTrends and Orderlytics, except this app is easy-to-use!

Om Clickfunnels Integration App

Shopfunnel: The simple way to integrate Clickfunnels and Shopify!

If you sell your Shopify products on Clickfunnels, you need ShopFunnel!

Let me guess, your current Clickfunnels Shopify integration not working?

You're not alone. The native Clickfunnels integration comes with many issues...

Without Shopfunnel:

  • Orders don't sync correctly with Shopify (ex. upsells show as separate orders)
  • Customers DONT get email notifications (default Shopify thank you emails, etc)
  • Your third-party apps (like oberlo, aliexpress, etc) and workflows will break
  • Clickfunnels makes your sales analytics messy
  • And many more issues.

With Shopfunnel:

  • Your orders get sent to Shopify correctly
  • You can enable order notifications (Shopify's customer emails)
  • You can fulfill your Clickfunnel orders with aliexpress, oberlo, etc.
  • And so much more!

Integration Features:

Order Merging

Traditionally, all purchases coming from Clickfunnels appear in your Shopify as individual orders. So if you sell a customer a "shoe" and then upsell them a "hat", these will be two separate orders! That would mess up your fulfillment workflow, analytics, etc. With Shopfunnel, you can merge all orders from a customer into one Shopify order!

Default Order Notifications & Shopify Emails

When someone orders from your Clickfunnels funnel, they don't receive any Shopify order notifications emails. This will result in chargebacks, angry customers and massive headaches. With Shopfunnel, this is a problem of the past!

Customize everything

We realize every merchant has different needs. Which is why we built flexible customization options for your integration needs. From the features listed above, to many more, you can customize everything to fit your exact needs!

Get started and install the app today!

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Seneste anmeldelser

Elephant Shirt Store

I have been the Shopfunnel app since June. When I first installed the app it pretty much did what it was supposed to except for a few technical problems that after a few months of me sending messages/emails and even leaving a negative review have finally been acknowledged and fixed. This review is an update from my previous one explaining the problems with the app that have since been fixed. When I first started using the app it was completely free up until about a week ago when they started charging for it. Because of this I decided to explore other options again to see if there was any other free ways to accomplish the same thing. I found a few other apps out there that looked like they could accomplish the same thing but were much more expensive. I found that Clickfunnels already has a built-in integration with Shopify that will transfer the customer’s information over and create an order. It looks like Clickfunnels can also send confirmation emails and even integrate directly with some of the email services, however I am still learning how to do this. Overall, this is a useful app that makes the integration easier than doing it piece-by-piece yourself. The two things that this app does that I have not found another way accomplish yet is to trigger the confirmation email directly from Shopify (unless you use Zapier which can be more expensive) and combine orders, bumps, upsells, etc into a single order. Basically, what it comes down to is you will be paying for these two features. I think it's worth at least signing up for the free trial to see for yourself.

The FAB Co.

How is this app not shouted about? It is literally exactly what i needed! Thank you. It integrates in a much more natural logical way with your funnel than the very limited integration in CF.

SGC cosmotech

This is a game changer for shopify and clickfunnels user. Save me a lot of time to fill in the customer information in Shopify