Clicksit Return Center

Clicksit Return Center

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Free Returns Automation, Return Labels, Notifications, Portal

Return Labels

No matter how big or small you are, it's now possible to offer CollectPlus and USPS return labels. Labels sent to customers automatically.

Delighted Customers

A smooth return process for you and your customers keeps them happy and makes sure they come back to buy more.

Controlled process

Prevent returns that fall outside of your returns window and understand the exact stage each return is at to avoid customer dissatisfaction

Clicksit Return Centerの詳細情報

About Clicksit Return Centre

Clicksit, part of Sorted (, is a totally free returns management app.

  1. Automatically create return labels in the US and UK.

  2. Self service customer return portal and a dashboard for you to manage returns

  3. Return portal setup instantly: and your customers can use email or mobile number to return.

  4. We can offer different returns options for you - free returns for your customer, shared cost of the return with your customer or even an option where your customer pays for the full return

  5. Manage exchanges with customers selecting their exchange items during return. Checking your stock levels in real time during the exchange and automatically creating a new order for the exchange!

  6. Refund orders within the app saving time processing refunds

  7. Choose which items can and cannot be returned

  8. Translate every word on the return portal

Why install Clicksit Return Center

Improving your return experience gives customers the confidence to buy, and keeps them coming back. With our exclusive CollectPlus agreement you can also offer a return experience which competes with the big guys. The CollectPlus logo alone gives your customers the confidence to purchase.

Totally free features:

  1. Self service return portal for your customers

  2. No charges irrespective of how many returns you process

  3. Offer CollectPlus and USPS returns (pay only per return processed)

  4. Customise your return policy easily

  5. Track your returns

  6. Email the tracking status to customers

CollectPlus returns

You may just want to manage your returns through the clicksit app, but we are delighted to offer the option of CollectPlus returns also. With CollectPlus setup you can send your customers a prepaid label and they can drop off the return at any of the 8000+ stores.

Return updates

Your customers will receive updates as you check a new status in the return admin panel. They will also have a tracking email to track their return.

Easy setup

  1. Install Returns Center, click on ‘Get’

  2. Use our standard return policy text or update with your own

  3. Provide a link to your return center on your returns page


And if you have any issues our support team are on hand to help you out 7 days a week 9-5 GMT :)








Free to use with premium features at extra cost

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Shaving Time

If you want to offer a painless and friendly returns process to your customers, then look no further. The returns process is completely automated. We pay for the returns simply because it offers a good customer retention policy to do so and offering this service on your website also helps the prospective customer trust your site and shows that you have taken the time to offer a seamless returns process . Just make sure you update your terms and conditions to reflect same. To summarise: Your returns process will be simple, effective and most importantly less time consuming for you and your customers.

Asian Suits Online

Hi I just want to say this app has been a life saver, my returns have never been more smooth, it is hassle free for the customer, my return rate has gone lower due to the confidence this provides.

Unified Boxing

It's great to be able to offer returns using Collect+ just like our bigger competitors do. The charges are really good and the app is very easy to use. Also the customers do most of the work so we can just sit back and wait for the items to be returned, allowing us to focus on growing our brand.