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Footprint ‑ ClimateNeutral

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Climate neutral orders and sustainability marketing growth.

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Carbon neutral orders

Orders will be carbon neutral, either optionally by your customers or by you. Contributions support endangered rainforests to reduce CO2.

Simple setup, custom design

Easy integration without any coding and full flexibility. We instantly calculate the CO2 of each order based on our advanced algorithms.

Brand & Business growth

To increase trust and engagement, customers can decide which projects will be supported and you can share your positive climate impact!

Om Footprint ‑ ClimateNeutral

Delight customers and boost your brand.

With Footprint ClimateNeutral, you will make your orders fully carbon neutral and empower your customers to choose how the carbon should be captured.

Simplest integration, fully customizable, multiple languages.

One-click installation and easy adjustments of the design to match your store. Integrate the option to make your orders ClimateNeutral and give your customers full transparency.

ClimateNeutral Orders.

Our algorithm will determine an accurate estimation for each product in your inventory. Unlike other solutions the amount added in the check-out will match with the required support for the projects to offset the amount.

Full transparency and impact.

With Footprint your customers will have the option to choose which certified climate project to support. In addition we provide project insights and make the customer’s impact tangible.

Boost your brand and marketing.

We will provide you with powerful marketing material to communicate your positive impact. In addition user’s can share their positive climate contribution after the purchase, together with your brand to boost sustainable engagement.

How it works

Within a few minutes, you will start to make a positive climate impact.

  • Quick setup: Within a few minutes, you will start to make a positive climate impact.
  • Adjust design: In the dashboard you can tweak your design so it matches to your brand.
  • Grow your impact: As your customers choose to shop with you, you will automatically grow your climate impact.

What the customer experiences

Offering ClimateNeutral offers will emotionalize the shopping experience.

  • Check out: In the shopping card the user can make orders ClimateNeutral.
  • Select project: After the order is placed, the user can select the project
  • Share impact: After the selection, the customer can share their positive climate impact, together with your brand.

In case of questions, read more at our FAQs or reach out to us, we are happy to help!

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Create a more sustainable shopping experience for your customers today.

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Gratis at installere

10% of customer's contributions will be used for the app operation.

  • Climate neutral orders optionally by your customers
  • Automatic estimation of product CO2
  • Customers can choose the climate project



10% of customer's contributions will be used for the app operation.

  • All "Free Plan" Features
  • Viral Social Media Engagement, branded impact shares
  • Color Adjustment to match your store design



$ 0.05-0.35 on average per product, 10% of the contributions will go to the operation of the app

  • All "Base Plan" Features
  • All Products ClimateNeutral
  • Font Adjustments
  • Logo Removal
  • Marketing Material

* Alle opkrævninger faktureres i USD.
** Faste debiteringer, herunder månedlige debiteringer eller brugsgebyrer, faktureres hver 30. dag.

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