Connex for QuickBooks Online

Connex for QuickBooks Online

by JMA Web Technologies

Sync orders and inventory with QuickBooks Online.

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FC Goods

I used this app to help sync orders between Shopify and QBO. This app can handle variant skus, multiple deposit accounts, and bundles. It does everything I need it to. When I used the Bold app, I had to manually adjust just about every single order which was time consuming and frustrating. I like that I have the ability to set up rules in Cloud Cart Connector although support had to initially help me get the hang of things. The support knowledge instructions are helpful when setting up rules, but it would be nice if setting rules was a little more user friendly. I haven't had any problems yet with syncing, yet I did have problems with the Bold app. There were duplicate orders in the beginning, but it was because I forgot to disconnect from the Bold app. Once I disconnected from the Bold app, orders were not being duplicated.
I use Cloud Cart Connector for all of our brands. I would be in a world of hurt without it. I'm so thankful that something like this exists...

Running Threads, LLC

Used with Shopify - Duplicated many orders, Sales tax must be downloaded as a line item which makes it impossible to run sales tax reports from QBO. Used for less than 48 hours and left days of clean up to correct.

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

(Chris) Thank you for your honest feedback. I am sorry to hear that Cloud Cart Connector did not meet or exceed your expectations. Sales Tax as a line item is just one of the many ways Cloud Cart Connector can sync Sales Tax. Cloud Cart Connector is compatible with Intuit's Automated Tax calculation feature. Moreover, it is possible to match tax codes created in QuickBooks Online as well; both of which allow for easy reporting.

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make this right for you. May I reach out? Alternatively, please contact us at

Thank you for giving Cloud Cart Connector a try! Best wishes.

The Vape Den

Sadly I cannot rate this 0 star.

This app is badly developed and littered with bugs. It captures incorrect tax, duplicates products and creates sales with incorrect values. Most of the time it doesn't sync.

When I raised this with JMA, their response was the following:

"I am the company owner and builder of Cloud Cart Connector.

First, I am very displeased that you feel my product is not worth the fees that I charge. Second, you likely need some custom development and coding time. Purchase one my $1188 plan and I will spend more time on your account. Otherwise, you may use the software as is.

Joseph Anderson | Director, Customer Success | Tier 3"

If you value your sanity, and need your books to balance, then definitely stay away from this company.

Liberty Skis

Joseph and his team at JMA do an amazing job. We have used CCC in a variety of contexts, and we are always able to arrive at the type of integration we require. I have cancelled other apps in favor of retaining CCC. Great support and great capabilities.

Eversmile White

This app is a life saver. I am relatively inexperienced in this sort of thing so I had a lot of questions. I was able to get on the phone with someone in customer support very quickly and he knew exactly what he was talking about, was super helpful, and even did some custom work for me to make things work more smoothly for my business. If you're having any trouble at all, they will fix it immediately. Great app, great customer service. Definitely recommend.


Hi, I used to use Pipemonk syncing software it worked . I had to switch to Cloud Cart a month ago and it still doesn't sync my invoices properly. My accountant and I have spent hours and hours liasing with JMA to fix this . At the moment my books are completely out of wack and I have duplicate payments for the last 2 months and have no idea who owes me what. my invoices totals are all wrongs. I am constantly having to spend my time trying to figure out what is going wrong with JMA's software. This is total nightmare and the worst experience I have ever had with an Applicaton! I have made several phone called to JMA to fix this and constantly get told we will get back to you and it is not fixed. My advice is go somewhere else and be very careful who you choose to do your syncing software. Joe I will take this down if you fix my invoices . Regards, Kate Nicolson


The sync for the most part works, but we've had quite a few problems and the service isn't great like what is shown below. Our first setup call was rushed where it was quite obvious that they expected me to just read every tutorial and know what to do, when it's not black and white. Then the software magically stopped syncing payment, though was receiving the sale, and I got directed to some links to resolve it, but had to do a manual journal entry to clear out, and paypal stopped recording to the right account and again was direct to a help article. For the service call to setup the service this is not what I expected.

Update: In addition to this, the owner Joe immediately canceled service within about 10 minutes of me leaving this review and said that they don't work with people that leave bad reviews. Also said he'd refund my money if I take my review down. To me that's not right. We had 3 email exchanges where he could have taken the high road and fixed my solution and I would have, but to take an attitude like this and not even offer to help is beyond me.

Performance Horse Blankets

Setting up my account took a little back and forth with Joe, but the support is great! The app seems to be doing just what I need it to.


By far and away the best app for syncing QB and Shopify. It does all that it claims and more. Like all the other reviews here, we struggled for years with sub-par accounting apps that seemed to create more issues than they solved. Cloud Cart is amazing and blows away the competition.

It does take a little time and effort to get it set up but Joseph and his team are super helpful, very responsive and have given us all the support we needed to customize this app to do exactly what we need it to do.

The monthly payments and the install cost will quickly be worth it once you discover how much time you will be saving. Seriously, stop reading reviews and buy the app already. It is 100% worth it.

Kinsley Armelle

Absolutely a 5 start product here. No question about it. Don't bother looking any further because this is the best option out there for keeping your accounting running smoothly.

We struggled for a long time with other competitors options (Unify, Quickbooks for Shopify, etc.). We constantly were battling to TRY and make them work. When we found Cloud Cart Connector, our whole lives changed because this app just works. The load of stress of accounting has finally been relieved. The way this app uses rules allows for endless possibilities of configurations. We use classes in Quickbooks and none of the other competitors provided enough customization to make it work right for us.

After taking some time to understand how to get things setup, things work seamlessly. We are able to balance our accounts and check that our Shopify Holding and Paypal Bank accounts match up on a regular basis. No more messing with Sales Receipts, Sales Tax issues, Fees, etc. Things just work and it's a thing of beauty.

For anyone concerned about the cost, let me tell you this. For us, the one time setup fee and the monthly rate is well worth it because of the amount of time on a monthly basis we save. We plan to be long time customers of Cloud Cart Connector. Thanks.

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