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Stock Sync

Stock Sync

Developed by Stock Sync

176 reviews
Price: From $3.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically update inventory quantity & price periodically (Daily or hourly)
  • Save hundreds of hours by not updating stock quantity manually
  • Support most communcation channels: FTP, URL, Google Spreadsheet & Drive, Dropbox and Email

Tired of managing your inventories from various vendors? Looking for a solution that saves you hours of tedious work? Integrate your inventories seamlessly with StockSync!

Free Trial for 14 days. No payment needed for first 14 days

★ Synchronising over 19,000,000 SKU daily

★ more than 1,000 stores using Stock Sync

Check out how easy to setup a basic feed HERE

Integrate with your external Inventory or Warehouse management system, Suppliers/Partners Inventory, or Drop-shippers

You have an offline retail store running. And is exploring to setup a Shopify online store. StockSync is here to integrate your online store by syncing stock quantity & price with your offline inventory system via FTP, URL, Google SpreadSheet/Drive or Email attachment.

Integrate your inventories into one system

Want to expand your brick-and-mortar retail store to an e-commerce platform at Shopify? StockSync saves you hours by updating your inventories between your vendors and suppliers, warehouses, and Drop-shippers automatically.

Supports multi-format

StockSync supports multiple file formats for your convenience such as CSV, XLS, XSLX, XML and JSON.

Supports multi-sources

Automatically receive inventory updates from your vendors, warehouses or Drop-shippers.

Schedule your updates

Set the syncronisation frequency to as often as every hour for up-to-date inventory tracking.

Various channels for your inventory needs

Below are the channel options available in Stock Sync to import inventory data from your Suppliers, Drop-shippers or Warehouses.

  • Direct upload source file

  • Source file locating at Downloadable link

  • Source file is updated at your supplier's FTP or SFTP server

  • Source file locating at shared Google Drive

  • Source file locating at shared Dropbox

  • Supplier or Store owner send Email to an unique Stock Sync email address with source file as attachment

  • Update inventory data from a shared Google SpreadSheet

  • Update inventory data from SOAP service (beta)

  • Export inventory data to a specified email

  • Update inventory data from One Drive

  • Supports CSV, XLS, XLSX, JSON, XML and Google SpreadSheet

  • Update frequency on a Daily basis (specific time) or Periodically (every hours)

  • Status report to monitor the syncing process

Popular Questions

How are the products mapped between two systems?

The product is mapped by using its variant SKU or variant Barcode. It is the only unique ID to identify each stock.

If my vendors are using different data sources, will my inventory be automatically updated?

Yes, StockSync has added a new feature to support multiple data sources.
For example, fashion items can be updated from Vendor A using FTP and jewelry items can be updated from Vendor B using Dropbox.

Does Stock Sync auto create new products while performing updates?

No, product creation is another complex process to be automated (we have yet to implement) because it involves images, variants and prices.

What if the source file has more SKUs than what I am selling on my online store?

StockSync only updates products that have matching SKUs or Barcodes on your online store and source file.

Can I use barcode to match my products?

Yes, StockSync can be configured to use either SKU or Barcodes when matching products. These changes can be made in the Settings page, under the Advance Setting field name “Shopify Product Key”.

If I have further questions or face a problem, how do I contact you?

We are open to improve our product tailored to your needs. Please contact us via the link below, so that we may assist you.

Contact us

Free Trial for 14 days. No payment needed for first 14 days

Stock Sync reviews

176 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (13 reviews)

As of 6/7/17 still not fixed so I uninstalled program, last time I sent them an email they said I shouldn't be too optimistic about it being fixed.

****Worth reading, especially if you have an Etsy shop****

This app would is great when it works, I've had a few issues that keep occurring. I'm sure they are not on the same time zone, which is difficult at best, I normally receive my responses from them in middle of the night or sometime early a.m. By the time I respond it's the next day before I receive another reply. By the time a few emails have been sent, several days will have gone by and nothing is resolved. I've had to remind them this isn't the first time these issues have happened.

I require inventory sync Etsy to Shopify, a few weeks ago one of the issues occurred again. I wrote Stock Sync, explained item was sold out, I received more stock, added to Etsy, it did not flow through to Shopify. They replied with, Etsy changed the calls from every 3 hours (to sync items) to once a day at 3am. I explained this issue had been going on for over a week, it should have updated sometime in that week. They said they'd check and let me know. A few days went by, emailed them, said they were working on it, sync still not working.

After this email I spoke with another person in this field (not at Stock Sync,) they said Etsy allows 10,000 calls a day, if you go over Etsy requires banking verification etc. in order to continue. Few days went by again when I wrote this was their reply ****The reason is our Etsy account was suspended cause of some credit verification issue. Etsy asking us to provide our banking info and credit card for verification. We hope to resolve this soon.**** This was 5/23/17, it's now 5/28/17 still haven't heard anything, I look at my dashboard, said no sync for 12 days. I sent another email today. I have been manually syncing my 1,000+ items, it's a task but I'm hoping they'll get everything squared away. It took me almost 4 days to compare the inventory from Etsy to Shopify initially, I hope that doesn't happen again, ugh! I have no idea if this type of thing has been going on or if this is the first time.

There's a note at the top of this review that says, if you had a bad experience, please try contacting the app developer before posting a negative review. I have contacted them many times, yes, I've received responses but this last issue is big and it just keeps going.

I don't like posting negative reviews, nor am I ready to give up on this app (it's good when it works.) Do I see room for improvement, oh yes, with their customer service, returning emails and the app. I hope they can fix this.


not easy to figure out of your file is working or not


Not Very Reliable - Paid extra to have hourly updates and nothing is updating over 24hrs still nothing - contacted support no reply from them


Since 2 days, No update QTY, still wait for response


This app won't allow me to upload my files. It keeps saying I've reached my feed limit, even though I don't have one feed uploaded yet. Really disappointing. And no phone support doesn't help either!


It's a good app with many nice features, HOWEVER...
...it's been very unreliable as of lately. The server is down right now, and this has happened multiple times in the past months.


Works great when it is actually up and running, but frequent outages with the app being down. Today the app has been down all day so far. App Support is terrible! I have given up contacting their support department because I either don't get a response or when they do respond, it's 3-4 days later. Totally unacceptable!!!!


Is the system down or whats going on?


Doesn't work at all. Just keeps giving match fails. No time to go and sit with a developer on something that should work to begin with. It's not rocket science, but this app just can't read the inventory.


I have tried to respond to the app developer. They ask question no action, I respond in a professional manner with detail, no action. To say I am getting quite upset with this lack of service or even some dialog would be an understatement.
Retired PMP


From $3.00 / month

No credit card required and charges during free trials. Pricing Plans are base on the total number of variants in store. Full pricing here.

14 days


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