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14 maj 2024

This is a very helpful plugin that will increase your store's functionality and will enable customers to filter the products on your pages.
What is more, we recently updated our store with a new plugin and the filter would not shop up.
We contacted support and within one day they replied and fixed the issue.
Overall, we have been using this plugin for years and along with its support we believe that it is an excellent solution for every store.

Meliz Dance Shop
Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
25 juni 2024

Great features, affordable price, and exceptional support! This app has significantly enhanced the user experience on my site. Whenever I needed assistance, Nikita was always available and resolved my issues promptly. I'm very satisfied with this app.

Naturalistic Products
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
8 juli 2024

Great application and very helpful service, it works extremely quickly even with a large number of products (20,000+).
I tested other applications of this type, but none met my requirements. I recommend!

Centrum Techniczne Gałązka
8 månader användning av appen
5 juni 2024

This integration is, without a doubt, the best search and filter app on Shopify. They have thoughtfully considered everything and struck the ideal balance of robust functionality while keeping it intuitive and easy to use on the backend. We've gotten very positive feedback from our customers about how easy our site is to navigate, mainly due to this app. Their support team is EXCELLENT, especially Nikita, who's an absolute rockstar and always quick to address any concerns, actions, or updates. Seriously, don't waste your time. Just stick with Cloud Seach & Product Filter.

Wonder Waves Coffee
2 månader användning av appen
29 april 2024

In my opinion, this is the best Search and Product Filter app.
Before deciding on Cloud Search & Product Filter, we compared several other apps as well, and evaluated all based on functions, capabilities and price. They either didn't have the functions we needed, or were too expensive. Eventually we decided to work with Cloud Search & Product Filter for our website and never looked back. It has all the functions we need, looks great and the price is very reasonable for what we get in return.
In addition, every time we contact them we get outstanding support from their support team.

3 månader användning av appen
23 maj 2024

We wanted to set our website apart from others with a product filter that worked.

Cloud Search & Product Filter allowed us to do that.

With amazing support through a testing period we happily launched our website using this product.

An extra shout out to Nikita for helping proving extreme levels of assistance to get us exactly where we wanted to be. Amazing customer service.

Obsidian Games
30 dagar användning av appen
28 maj 2024

We recently migrated from Magento2 where our site had 'custom built' filters which we thought might be challenging to find a suitable solution for after the move - but Cloud Search and Product Filter has been amazing for us. Even better was the support we received from the app team (Nikita!) when we wanted to make a few visual changes to how the filters appeared in our theme, they very quickly sorted it all out for us without any effort on our part. Excellent experience!

The Archive Place
7 dagar användning av appen
17 april 2024

I would highly recommend this app for adding collection filters and updating the search page. We have 1000s of skus with multiple tags and hidden collections so we appreciate being able to choose what options become filters and which can be hidden. We had a few issues with design and customization which the team was able to quickly help with and fix. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Samira 13
2 månader användning av appen
18 april 2024

Mixed Feelings on Utility and Pricing

The app is equipped with a range of useful features that potentially enhance user experience and operational efficiency. However, the actual impact on convenience and conversion rates remains under evaluation, as we are still determining how these features translate into tangible benefits. On the downside, the app is relatively expensive compared to its competitors. Recent price increases have further diminished its attractiveness, making it a less viable option for those seeking cost-effective solutions.

Ungefär 3 år användning av appen
NP Apps svarade 22 april 2024

Thank you for sharing your review. We need to correct several inaccuracies regarding our "Cloud Search & Product Filter" app:

– Pricing: Your statement about our app's pricing being higher than others is incorrect. We compared the top eight paid search apps in the "Navigation and Search Apps" category on the App Store, and our app is more affordable than all competitors.

– Price Increases: You've mentioned multiple price increases, but this is not correct. We've had one price increase in several years, and it was by just $2. Additionally, this adjustment reflects not only inflation but also the ongoing enhancements and new features that increase the app's value. Furthermore, you were grandfathered at the old rate for several months, which wasn't acknowledged in your review.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent support and a valuable app at a fair price. If you have legitimate concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team. We're here to assist.


18 april 2024

I want to admit that this is one of the apps where I received the best service in Shopify. They answer quickly, fix everything and are always available! Besides that it is excellent for filters, thank you very much

5 månader användning av appen